Saturday, February 26, 2011

Foxy Lady

Here's a peek at my new pastel that's still in progress.  I'm painting this from a photograph my husband, Jim Mayfield, took of a female that was raising a litter of five pups on our property last spring.  I'm completely enamored and just a touch obsessed with these beautiful and resilient creatures.....
Artist at work......

A sweet figurine given to me by my friend Claire.
A cup made by one of my very favorite potters, Julie Whitemore who makes the most lovely functional pottery with gobs of charm and sweet woodland creatures.
A hooked rug I did a few years back showing my feelings of connection to these orange beauties.
A print I purchased from another favorite painter and rug hooker, Ann Willey.  You should really drop by her website and check out her Etsy store.  The most marvelous art!
Another hooked rug I did several years ago.  I call this one "Nighttime Garden Fox" because we would hear their wild crazy screams all the time at night.  It sounds kind of creepy, but I love the sound, and knowing they're close by the house as we sleep.
Most recent issue..... very interesting article about some research and breeding of foxes in Siberia.  They have been bred for domesticity.  Good idea?..... not so sure about that, wonderful photos.

So.... just sharing a passion of mine.  I love all things wild, and feel privileged that these gorgeous creatures have let us share their space for a short time.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Crocus Love

Early signs of spring...... we have literally thousands of crocus sticking up their sweet little heads!  Even through another cold snap and/or snow, these hardy first signs of spring persist to remind us of the color yet to come......

Wishing you a most lovely week!

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Of This, And A Little Of That

Found these wonderful dishes at Pier 1 today.  I picked up two... only $5  apiece!  I placed this one on part of a table runner I made earlier this week.  The color red is currently haunting me.  Red, red, glorious red!!
Still knitting socks and this self striping sock yarn is my absolute favorite.  I'm rushing this pair because I ordered two wonderful patterns that I'll share with you once I get started with the first one.  Might be quite challenging.....
I received a subscription to "selvedge" for Christmas.  Pretty much my favorite gift.  I love this cover!

My dear Mr. Bobcat pastel is done and ready for framing.....
I really enjoyed working on this piece, and have started another.  I thought I'd move on to still lifes, flowers, or some sort of non-living subject matter,  but am really starting to enjoy painting wildlife.  The "living object" of my current pastel is more personal, and another new challenge.  I'll just have to see how well it materializes before you get a peek.

Continuing my garden rug.  Just a small snippet of what I've managed to get done this week.  It's moving quicker than I thought it would.... and you know..... I think that's because I'm not in any hurry to finish.  No pressure, experimenting, and absolutely no earthly idea where it will eventually go.
While heading in from the studio a short bit ago, found hubby wondering around the place in the snow taking pictures.
 Oh..... saw six deer in the little strip of woods by our home yesterday.  I always call it "good luck" to see deer or fox on the property. So exciting..... I can't wait to get outside and start gardening and taking nature walks.  I truly love all four seasons, but I find the arrival of spring the most exciting time!