Thursday, June 18, 2015

Blogging For The Better

Haven't blogged in a bit, and quite frankly, wondering "why bother?".  But... I've also cruised around from time to time checking out other blogs,  Instagram, facebook sites, Pinterest, and am always so amazed at all the creativity!  I love to follow wonderful artists at these sites, and occasionally will leave my own comments.  Sometime I'll get a reply back!  Whenever I feel a bit in a slump, something as simple as a few photos of great homes, gardens, art, and fashion are all I need to get back at it.  So.... (well now that my computer is fixed.... a pesky issue) I'll post a few photos of what I'm up to, and what is making me happy and feel creative.

I've been hooking a lot over the past few months, and just finished this small abstract landscape.

This piece was inspired by one of my husband, Jim Mayfield's, photos taken while traveling through the Netherlands last spring.

I've also had a lot of fun making pillows.  Here's a couple of girls.  Rosie and Violet.  They're about 18" tall and 10" wide.

I still have one more to do to make a set of three.  These will be for sale later next fall.  Speaking of owls, our friends called the other day and told us to get over quick!  New baby barred owls just emerged from the nest in their yard.  We jumped in the car and got there in time for a great viewing.  Jim grabbed several shots.

I'm still working on lots of shawls and a few bags.  Saving bags for fall sale, and shawls I've been selling in a couple of different shops.  Love the silk/mohair blend of yarn.  Light and soft!

Spending special time with family.  Just returned from Chicago where we had the most lovely time with little grand daughter Ruby, who just celebrated becoming two years old.


Of course, my favorite place to be is home.  It's garden time and I couldn't be happier than when puttering around the house and garden.  Here's a picture of our front and porch.  I'm using this shot for tags on my shawls. 

A view of the back yard after one of the many extended rains we're currently enjoying.

A sweet little guy resting in the front garden.

And one of our gorgeously brilliant hibiscus!

So.....passing on a long post to you in hopes of adding a bit of color and creativity to your day!