Monday, September 15, 2014

Animals, Color, and Friends

Today is the most gorgeous type of early fall days!  The light and temperature are perfect.  It makes all the colors outside, and in, particularly vibrant!  The kind of day to put sunflowers on the mantel.  Picked these up at the little farm across the road.

I also put out my Debbie Wilson print.  She's a fabulous mixed media artist that we befriended when doing shows.   Such a sweet piece of art.

I'm so happy because our little feral Firefly found his way home after a botched (on my part) attempt to get him to the vet and fixed.  If you're in my circle of animal loving friends, you already know the story and how completely devastated I was.  Let's make this short..... got him trapped (amazing because he is so feral) to the vet in a carrier in the car.  A whole another part of town across creeks, neighborhoods, busy streets, etc.  And he burst apart the carrier in the vet's parking lot and was gone in a flash.  I looked, my husband looked, my husband and I looked together, my friends went by and looked.  No luck, I assumed he was gone for good.  I felt horrible since he had lost his excellent food source and safe outside home.  I sobbed and sobbed!  Well....... late Saturday afternoon (11 days following the escape) we're leaving for a get together with friends, and there he is in the drive right by where I always feed him!  It's absolutely mind blowing to me that cats can do this!  I truly never expected to see him again.  I'm leaving well enough alone for now.... no trapping and fixing..... too much drama for us both.  My hubby took this picture of him yesterday in one of his little hiding places outside.

I did manage to get my mind off things during this unfortunate situation, when I went with Tammy to the Warsaw hook in.  This is one of my favorites because they have the best vendors there with all kinds of unusual fabrics and other trinkets.  Here's a few things I snatched up!

Three gorgeous pieces of hand dyed velvet......

This exquisite piece of antique paisley from Anita White.  I splurged here because of the cream color.  So different from the deeper reds and maroons.  I won't hook with this... will most likely use as embellishment for a clothing piece.  Ideas are forming!

A fun colorful hunk of curly sheep wool.  I think part of this will eventually find it's way into a hooked bag.

I like to keep my new pieces of fiber out where I can see them.  It keeps me planning and thinking creative thoughts.  I can't imagine living in an environment without lots of color.  How unstimulating and boring!

Ended the afternoon with sketching by the lake.  Here's Tammy working on her piece.

My little sketch.  Very excited because I've just enrolled in Sketbook Skool on-line.  Tammy and my friend Mary have also enrolled.  I think it's fun to have a little group to head out to parks and cafes to do some sketching.

Fall always brings a lot of reflection.  After all that's happened over the past week or two, I've thought about how wonderful life is with friends and a husband who go out of their way to look for your  uncatchable feral cat,  or friends that take you away for a day to a happy colorful creative retreat, and all the little animals that we care for that give us such love and happiness....... and of course........ lots and lots of color.  The perfect combination for a wonderful life!  Thank you Tammy, Katie, Sarah, Jim, Lora, Dr. Pfander (my vet) and his wonderful crew that looked and kept food in the little guys bowl, and of course Firefly!


Sunday, September 7, 2014

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I will still be blogging occasionally, but you can catch up quicker on Instagram.  Follow dulcy624!  You can find the link on my sidebar.


Friday, August 29, 2014

My Week At A Glance!

I'm hooking like mad to make some headway on this piece to take to the Warsaw hook-in next weekend. It's all the color blending that slows me down.  I have to think a bit too long about each piece that comes next.  It's the only way I think this will work for me and not turn into one big hot mess!

I've found time this week to do a bit of kitchen table sketching.........

Another cup and saucer.

A fresh peach.  Love playing with these oranges!

And a lemon.

Here's a few shots from Robin's Vintage Suitcase where I'm working part-time.  Getting ready for fall.

Some of our gorgeous ribbon!

We're now carrying lovely linen clothes for fall!

note:  one of my little hooked bags :)

And other wonderful treasures in the shop!

And our little crew on the front of Metro Woman this month!  I'm peeking out from under the large straw hat third back on the right.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Tidbits

Busy and extremely pleasant summer!  Life and weather have been more than one could ask for.....  Here's a few tidbits of this and that.

Bike riding again!  Bought a new bike that my very sweet hubby put together for me.  I've been riding all over the neighborhood, and hoping to hit some trails up north along the Missouri River this fall.

Still sketchbooking.... a recent sketch of my home.  So glad I discovered sketchbooking this summer.  Thanks Tammy!

Friday I went to Warsaw with Tammy and we hooked all day at Salt Box Primitives.  Here's a sampling of all the creativity going on!

Tammy's aerial view of her back yard.  Gorgeous!

Nelda's priceless pig!  Wow!

I did not get this ladies name, but love her geometrics!

And I'm still working in reds.........

A fun discovery of some little owls I hooked at the local Farmer's Market Birstro, The Aviary.

My new job at Robin's Vintage Suitcase and Tearoom.  We're getting two new lines of clothing this week that will be exclusive to the shop.  Robin is scurrying about getting things set up as only she can do.  We're now becoming a boutique, and adding a bakery!

Best of all...... time with our precious little Ruby!

Of course summer isn't over, and it's going to be a very hot week, but with school in session now... it feels as though a lovely fall is not far off!


Monday, August 4, 2014

Sketching Teacups

I've joined the sketchbook challenge!  Actually, all that seems to involve is copying the badge as seen on the right, and joining in the sketchbook fun.  August is my first month in the group, and the challenge is "Coffee and Tea".  Two things I enjoy!  Here's what I've done so far.....

These are all very small, and I'm still using my handmade rose petal paper.  My book is mostly full now, so time to move on to a proper sketchbook.  Summer fun!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Sketching, Knitting, and Dreamy Books

Had a lovely and breezy cool week in Chicago visiting family.  So happy to have missed the brutal temps here!  I spent one day sitting out back sketching.

garden chair........

freshly picked tomato........

and a tiny interpretation of my step daughter's home........

Still using my little blank book of handmade rose petal paper.  It's almost full!

Finished up my latest experimental knitting project.  A curly sheep bag!

My friend, Claudine, calls it the party bag.  I think she's got it right!

On a different, but a creative sort of note, I'm so completely in love with the books by Mary Randolph Carter right now.  She works for Ralph Lauren and her books are all about old wonderful objects she's collected over the years.  The need for some of us "that would be me" to have our surroundings filled with lovely objects and memories.  Here's the latest I ordered.....

"Never Stop To Think.... Do I Have A Pace For This?"  How many times have you been junk'n with a friend and said those words?!

I have two more of her books.....

I picked up "For The Love Of Old" years ago and have looked at it about a thousand times.  The other is titled "American Junk".  All the photos are a wonderful jaunt into the homes of artists and collectors.  Mary's home is always my favorite though.  She also has great photos of her office and barn.  Great curl up on the couch with a glass of wine kinda books!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What's New?

Summer has always been a time for new things in my life.  I guess it has to do with all the years I taught school.  When summer vacation rolled around, time seemed so precious.  I always wanted to cram it with projects and new learning experiences.  Once school started back up, very little time was left to pursue anything that wasn't about school, working on my masters for school, attending meetings, professional development,.....well..... if you've taught, you get it.

Even though I've been gone from teaching for five years, it's hard to change my need redo, revamp, invent, and create during the summer.  You may notice a few new blogs on my sidebar.  You may also notice that a few others aren't there.  I still follow the same blogs, and those can be found under the little blurb about me (which is in definite need of an update).  Before, I was immersed with primitive rug hooking, and have sort of left that to move on to a more abstract form of the art.  I'm still having fun making bags and finished this one for my lovely friend Janet.

It's similar to some I've done in the past, but larger.  I did a different treatment for the strap.  Instead of wool, I used a natural linen ribbon that's reinforced on both sides with wire.  This causes it to crunch, twist, and fold in the most wonderful way!  I looped some gorgeous sari silk ribbon to the sides to finish it off.  I think Janet looks fabulous with her new bag!

We did a fun, fun trade!  Janet creates many treasures, but what I wanted was a set of her hand knotted fresh water pearls.  She made me a gorgeous choker and bracelet.

The jewelry was nestled inside the white curly lamb yarn in this sweet little birdie box.  I felt like it was Christmas! I received these yesterday, and haven't had them off except for this photo!

A new project that I'm VERY EXCITED about is sketching.  I'm following new blogs and sites on Pinterest that are about sketchbooking on the go.  I have a precious tiny book of handmade paper that I thought would be perfect.  I bought the sweetest little set of Winsor Newton watercolors.  It all fits easily into my bag and I'm ready to sketch.  Here's a few tiny watercolors I did yesterday.

I'm trying to stay loose and fast.  A bit more abstract, with not too much attention to detail.  What appears to be smudges and petals in the background are rose petals, leaves, and stems that are made into the paper.  I'm planning on attending an online sketchbook school that begins in a few weeks.  I'm excited!

So.... that's a bit of creativity here at the doorstep.  Hope you're finding lovely, wonderful, and new adventures this summer!


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Home Is Where My Heart Is

Home is where my heart is right now.  I'm so loving being tucked in and working on projects.  I'm using this summer to attack the house in various ways.  Right now we're having a screened-in porch redo going on.  Painting, calking, fixing, etc.  I purchased this adorable light fixture from the Vintage Suitcase (where I work and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ......)  I know I say that in every post, but I'm so happy with my new little part-time job.

Sweet little birdie in a cage will hang from the ceiling.  Just waiting for it to get wired in.  I'm also going to chalk paint my old porch swing.  Hopefully, things will be clean, white, and lovely when done.  The cats, Willow and Iris, hang out on the porch and aren't too happy with the current situation.

You can see that they're a bit misplaced at the moment.

Today has been so cool and beautiful outside.  I picked a few herbs and flowers.

Sprigs of lavender..................

Russian sage, hydrangea, and Japanese fern in my sweet little old green metal teapot.........

And I've been hooking away!  Here's a peek at a bag I'm doing for dear friend Janet.  I've done this pattern on several bags, but this one is larger, and I've used quite a bit of sari silk and ribbon.  Loving the effect!

I'm going to try a whole new treatment for the strap that I've vaguely put together in my head.  Hopefully my vision will come to fruition and I'll have a pretty finished bag to post later.

My very large "red rug" from the Heather Richie rug camp was cluttering my mind.  So....... I cut about two feel off of it and feel light and new!  Using lots of sari silk in this piece also.  I may even use the silk to crochet the border.  I think I'm going to love it!

So all is busy, creative, and beautiful at home.  Hope the same for you!


Monday, June 23, 2014

A Colorful Summer

I'm having a most colorful summer!  Just returned form the Heather Richie rug camp in Cape Fair Missouri.  What an inspiring experience!  Heather is Britain's top rug hooker, and has made many trips to Africa over the past 20 years teaching rug hooking to the blind,  establishing a school and foundation.  Her stories were sad, funny, inspiring, and simply mind blowing.  Her use of color and materials were such a refreshing shot in the arm for me.  Here are a few samples of Heather's gorgeous work.

Aren't the colors absolutely luscious?!  Lovely flowers literally popping up all over the place!

I took a very large piece that's mostly in shades of red, and very abstract.  Here's a couple peeks!

I accomplished quite a bit more than this, and will show the progress as I go.... lots of the above with quite a bit of ribbon, sari silk, yarn, and bits of this and that.  In fact, it's so large that hubby is taking me to Salt Box Primitive in Warsaw, MO to purchase a nice new large frame.  It will be much easier to hook something this big (60"x 30") because of weight and general awkwardness. 

I went on this adventure with lovely bestie Tammy from Love Your Life.

Pop over to her blog and you can see lots more from the retreat and what she ended up doing.  Quite amazing!

I came home with come curly sheep wool, a gift from Heather.  I began knitting this little curly sheep bag.

It may look like a curly sheep mess in this photo, but I think it's going to be really cute.  I'll post a pic when it's finished.

Added treats from the camp were.....

A newborn baby goat, born the first day of our retreat.

And two sweet donkies that greeted me each morning!

All in all, a very colorful summer so far!