Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pinafore Fun

I'm so excited because I received my new linen pinafore from Rough Linen!

It's a lovely business that makes handmade linen products that bestie, Jesse, told me about.  She also ordered a pinafore, but dyed her's blue, and it looks fabulous!  Check out the site.  Gorgeous bedding, curtains, and towels. 

I love it with this new shawl that I just finished. 

The lovely neutral linen makes a great backdrop for the jewel tones of the shawl.

You may have noticed our brightly painted fence in previous posts. 

I found an old section that came down during the terrible ice storm several years ago.  My sweet hubby sawed off a nicely distressed piece for me that I can use to mount my occasional pastel work.

I simply attached it with washi tape so I can remove and change out artwork when I have something new.  Saves on framing.... but get to enjoy a piece for a bit and then move it on.

And..... if you've been following my Firefly saga...... here's a recent photo.  You can probably tell he's "been around the block" to say the least.  But such a pretty boy.

I'm a tad worried because I haven't seen him at all today.  Usually he's here at least twice, like clockwork, for meals.  Hopefully, he hasn't gotten into more trouble!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

It's cold, but it's officially spring!  Daffodils are all over the place, so I brought some in, and added some pretty pink tulips to the mantel (the tulips are from the day old flowers at the market.... cheap, healthy,  and pretty!).

I love to display my pretty hooked spring pillows this time of year.  Well, actually, I have them out all the time.........but love them now with flowers and sunshine in the house!

And the Firefly piece is hooked and bound.  I may eventually attach it to painted canvas as a wall piece.

Firefly is still around.  His bad wound seems to be healing well.... although he won't let me get close enough to get a good look.  We did make progress a few days ago.  Firefly ate a bowl of food on the deck one sunny afternoon and let me sit in a chair a few feet away.  I think he really wants to be part of our family, just too nervous and distrusting.  I plan to try and trap him a bit later this spring.  If that goes well followed by a vet checkup, rabies shot, and the procedure, I'll then make some decisions about the little guy.

I had a lovely afternoon with bestie, Katie.  She had made me this awesome bracelet.

Isn't it just the cutest?!  So we spent a day at her house, where she taught me the technique and I made another for myself.

Mine's the one on the bottom.  It's a process of layering paper, collage, antiquing, and painting onto a wooden bangle.  Such fun!  And the best part is crafting with a special friend......

If you live anywhere around here (or wherever you live!)..... please check out Robin's Vintage Suitcase.

Robin is currently having a major redo of the Vintage Veranda Tearoom part of the shop.  It's sooooo gorgeous and cool!  Hopefully, it will be open in April.  I'll let you know for sure.  Also, the Vintage Suitcase and garden shop are in full bloom.  Check out the above link to a new blog I've been putting together.  Would love to receive your comment.  Also, it would be great to be linked up with you!

Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Firefly In The Garden Times 3

I've been more than a little obsessed with our feral kitty, Firefly.  This is a cat I'm feeding every day.  Have saved from "death's door" with the help of my wonderful vet and antibiotics to heal infection from a nasty wound.  Bought things like a heated cat mat for the garage.... battled raccoons in the same garage when I've kept the door up a bit on horribly cold nights so Firefly could go in, warm himself and eat.  This is a cat that STILL won't let me get close to him AT ALL!  So..... I've determined that Firefly is to be our outdoor friend that I feed and enjoy from a distance for as long as he chooses to stay around.  I think trapping and bringing him in would be a rough situation for current girlie cats, hubby, myself, and Mr. Firefly.

I have been enjoying doing a bit of art work and rug hooking using this little guy as my subject.  Below is a photo my hubby took one evening while we sat on the deck.  Firefly likes to sit outside with us as long as we keep our distance.

I used that photo for a little painting I did last fall.

And recently, began a hooked piece that I just finished........

All different..... fun to play with the wool and try to capture this little guy sitting contentedly in the grass enjoying the lovely summer evening.  Unfortunately, it's once again horribly cold with ice and snow.  We're back to cat mat in the garage and those nasty determined raccoons!  Spring is bound to eventually show up......

p.s.  There are crocus and snowdrops poking they're sweet little heads up.  Hope they make it through these bitter temps.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Palette For Firefly

I'm hooking a "just see where it goes" kind of piece.  It's from a photo taken of our little feral cat, Firefly, last summer.  I'm playing with color, and loving the greens with peach, teals, and darks!

Here's the messy palette of wool I'm working from........

The fence behind Firefly will be fun... lots of abstract hooking with wonderful color. 

On a solemn note, little Firefly appears to be very sick.  He will come nowhere near me, but comes out to be fed.  I'm calling the vet, and may try and trap.  From what I can see, he has a rather nasty wound and his poor little eyes are all runny.  It's been such a difficult winter!!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Colors of Russia

Since it's all about the Olympics and Sochi Russia right now.... I thought I'd post a few photographs my husband, Jim Mayfield, took while in Russia several years ago.   Enjoy......

Such beautiful people, architecture, and color.........

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Warm Thoughts With Lots Of Color

Sunny cold day with no wind.... I'LL TAKE IT!  Beats what we've been dealing with lately..... Oh, enough whining about the weather please...

Hooked up a few more bags for sale in May.

My cure for winter blues is always lots of color!

Weaving  shawls for same springtime sale.

My little shawl/scarves work well in spring and even summer.  I use a very lightweight mohair/silk blend, and they're nice to throw over shoulders or wrap around necks on cool summer evenings.  Especially when one is wearing a tank or tee.

And here's my little "Sweet Annie" doll that I found in a flea market.  I love her happy face and the tiny heart she's holding.  

Warm thoughts to you!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Getting Ready For A Colorful Spring

I'm a bit mad at myself, because I made my most favorite bag ever..... took it to the customer..... and forgot to photograph it first.  Dang!  But, on the upside, the lovely lady I made it for owns a wonderful shop (I've written about it here before) called the Vintage Suitcase.  We did some trading, and one of my new treasures is this sweet Santos doll.

I have her a bit dressed up for upcoming Valentine's Day.  She's wearing a strand of whale heart beads I bought many years ago in Alaska, and a pretty heart necklace my friend Jesse made for my mom last year at Valentine's Day.  Here's a closer view of her perfectly peaceful face.

I've been knitting quite a lot lately.  Made this darling little cap for our precious Ruby.

Of course it's tiny baby size.... just adorable and an easy project.

Also been working on a knitted afghan using these gorgeous jewel tone chenille yarns.

 It's a ripple pattern.... Nice soft and luxurious! 

New exciting things in the works.... will begin hooking lots of small bags, goodies, and weaving shawls for an upcoming spring sale in K.C., big trip in the spring (more on that later),  and more!  Stay tuned..... and add some new color to your life.  My new color is bright royal blue!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Pretty Things, Lovely Ruby

Nice and quiet day after Christmas...... following a perfectly lovely holiday.  A week ago I had a few friends over for some Christmas cheer and hooking... and began new little pillow for Valentine's and spring I call "Bluebirds of Happiness".  I finished the hooking and prodding today, but it still needs to be stuffed and sewn up.

So excited to receive a package today from my fav Julie Whitmore.  I've collected a few pieces of her pottery.... and am totally captivated by her paintings.  She listed a selection of prints... and I fell for this circus scene.

I really should have taken a better closeup of this one, but adore the little fox in the center.  You can see a great shot of it on her blog.  Julie sent a super happy surprise gift with it.

Such a sweet Christmas and winter scene!  I love Julie's use of color, especially the rich royal blues.  Here's a shot of my Christmasy decorated mantel with my new print.

Okay...  on to a couple of gratuitous shots of happy grandparents (that would be hubby and I) with our 6 month old Ruby.

Best part of Christmas!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Friday, December 6, 2013

Polar Bear Weather....

A view of our home this morning with the "Ozark Polar Bear" crossing the front yard.  Deep snow and temps to reach -5 tonight.  This has resulted in leaving the garage door cracked open for our "not really ours" cat Firefly.

I worried all last night about him, but tonight will be much colder.  Firefly is feral and won't come to us, but he likes our presence and stays close to the house.... of course this is where he gets fed.  I'll sleep better tonight knowing he has a warm place to go if he chooses.  I think he's been staying under our deck during all this weather.  I'll put a special treat in the bowl and push it under the garage door.  I'll make up a nice little bed for him too......

Silly Cat Lady

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday? I Don't Think So...

I had such a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving...and hoping the same for you.   When I saw the hordes  of shoppers lining up yesterday on the news trying to get deals .... well, I just felt kind of sad.   Rushing out on Black Friday has never had any appeal for me, but Thanksgiving?!  Good Grief!  I'm thankful for many things, but definitely for the opportunity to be home having a crafting Christmas.  No Black Friday here.... NO SIREE!

At my house you'll find me happily buzzing away on the following gifties for family and friends....

Bright and cheery wristies with another pair on my needles.  Using gorgeous Noro yarn leftovers from my shawl weaving.

Speaking of shawls!  This one is currently drying.

And this one is obviously still in progress.  Love working with this soft mohair/silk blend.

My favorite Christmas project is a hooked rug.  I can show you only a wee bit because it's a special surprise, and I can't take the chance of it being spotted by the wrong person....  I just love it so far, and excited to show you the completed piece as soon as it's reached it's new home.

And, of course, bags and bags!

These two sweeties just need their straps attached.  I'd be fibbing if I told you both are gifts.... I think I'll keep one for me because I'm a bit tired of making these, and I do love them.

I have a couple more gift ideas up my sleeve, and trying to be timely and not get all in a rush at the last minute.  My hands can't take it!



Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

Creamy Roses and Soft Wools

Oh I KNOW it's getting a bit tiring of seeing nothing but bags and shawls, bags and shawls!!  But,  one last time I'm showing you a picture of this sweet pair because I ADORE the creamy colors!

These were commissioned by my lovely new friend Janet.... colors are perfect for her!  Now they are gone and so glad I photographed them before they went to their new home.  I can hook, weave, or knit anything when I'm excited about color choices.... Still making more for the shops I'm in, and Christmas presents.  Then done with this for awhile.  I'm dreaming of painting and hooked rugs!


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bags, Shawls, and a Bit of Acrylic

I've been busy busy lately with hooking and weaving.  My two favorite activities at the moment.  New bags and shawls are now in The Vintage Suitcase, a wonderful little shop which can only be described as..... a bit vintage, a bit French, a bit antique, and a bit shabby wonderful!  Here's a shot of a couple of bags and shawls I've currently added to the shop.  I love hooking my little scrappy rose design in different color combos!

I'm sort of swamped with bag orders at the moment, which is great as long as I'm feeling creative and having fun.  Of course my busy mind has a hard time staying "in the moment", so while I'm hooking or weaving I'm thinking of making a new rug and painting!  Geez!!

I did add a couple of new little paintings to my vintage gardening encyclopedia.

The first is from a photo of our front door.  You may recognize it as my current blog banner, and directly above is a white iris shown in the evening with the pond water in the background.  I'm sticking with my theme of paintings subject matter around my own home and gardens.

Of course LOVING fall right now.  The colors here are so spectacular it's hard to take it all in.  I was out to dinner with friends last night and the first words of greeting are "Can you believe the color?!".   And that's pretty much what everyone is talking about right now,  Such a lovely season this year.................... hope yours is the same.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Not All Hedgeapples Fall From Trees

Sunday was a perfect day to take my little Fiesta out into the country and enjoy some of the fall beauty........  I love the color of my little car!  Can you figure out my license plate?  HDGAPL


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pals and Paint

What a GORGEOUS fall we are having in the Ozarks!  Well, we always have a fabulous fall here, but this year has been wet (last fall was on the tail end of a HORRIBLE drought, so a bit dry and faded) and all that grows seems super enhanced with rich and lush color.  And it's only just begun!  The timing was  perfect for me to attend a fall artist retreat put on by the very lovely and talented Audrey Bottrell at Indian Point.  Audrey has been my art teacher, and also a very good friend.  Before I left, I got a couple of goodies to take with me..........

One day while lunching with my friend Sally,  we were doing a bit of perusing through the sweet shop attached to the cafe and just yakking up a storm, I spotted this yummy pumpkin colored ledger.

I said, "Wouldn't that be fun to paint in?" and before I could get another word in edgewise, Ms. Sally had whisked it away to the counter and bought it for me!  That silly!  Well, I have a plan for her.... Yes I do!  Look at these fun lined pages.  I see paintings of pears and flowers, cats and apples.... oh can't wait to get started!   That darling little cafe, shop, and garden room is just the best.   My friend Katie, her hubby Mark, and my hubby all ate at  The Vintage Veranda, a couple of weeks ago armed with wine and empty stomachs.  We were the last to leave! 

While recently flea marketing with my same sweet sweet friend, Katie, I found this darling old wooden box.  I thought how perfect it would be to carry my paints to the retreat in.

I had to have it when I saw how it opened out to other compartments.  I think someone had built it, and the wood might be cherry.  It IS a cherry!

During the retreat..... which was spent painting, morning and evening Tai Chi, hiking, eating, talking, meeting lovely new friends...  I painted a bit in my old gardening book and did the same painting as a pastel.  This is a scene from our garden when the day lilies were in full bloom.

I guess the point of this post is the importance to me of time spent with friends.  I always feel so happy and full after an afternoon out with my pals.  I came back from Indian Point energized with ideas for art and life (oh.... I do have ideas!).  I was surrounded by very accomplished painters that were so humble, not the least bit pretentious.... I felt comfortable, and there to learn. The first thing I learned was  "I NEED NEW PAINT BRUSHES"!  You would not believe what I've been using..... oh dear.....