Friday, October 7, 2016

October Love

Favorite Month

Haunted walks in the woods

Newly knitted throw with hooked pillows.  All is cozy.

Lovely late afternoon sun peeking in the windows.

New shawls off the loom and in my Etsy shop.

Royal blues and orangey pinks.

Shades of green and teal with violet.

It's in the 50's today, finally it feels right.  Enjoy.......

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Green Brown Red and Turquoise

It's cloudy, and it's thundering, and the colors are changing, and I LOVE IT!  

Are you seasonal, or really tuned in to changing cycles of seasons and time?  Most likely you are.  I know that I feel so exhilarated during this time of change.  I'm lucky to live in a part of the country where the seasons most definitely change on time, and for the right amount of time.  Just when things become too hot and muggy, or too dreary and cold, change is in the air.

Right now, of course, it's becoming all about fall and fall colors.  Today I picked a bouquet of lovely greens, reds, and browns around the yard.  I'm leaving it dry in the vase with no water.  Will watch it dry more and change color.

Lovely little pumpkin type fruit and a hedge apple add more fall color.

Today has been a good day to weave in the studio, plus I have a new stash of gorgeous Noro yarns.  Love this pretty autumn color combination of blues, oranges, pinks, and purples.

I'll fringe it with yarn tomorrow and get it off the loom.  Then I'll wash and further embellish with ribbons and sari silks.  Excited!

I've been hooking little Posey Pouches for sale and gifts.  They're just the right size for phone, keys, cards, and lipstick.  Lots of fun to create and hook.  Not a huge time commitment like a rug or mat.

Really like the red, green, and black color combination!

And finished another shawl in my favorite turquoise.  This one is at the Library Gift Shop.

I think turquoise is a wonderful fall color.... or anytime color for that matter!

Early fall/late summer is bringing a lot of visitors to our place.  Our latest count is a regular herd of deer (about 10 or so), and quite a flock of turkeys.  This beautiful big boy was visiting the other evening.


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Secret Gardens and Small Things

My garden is changing quickly.  Less brights, but lots of greens and browns.... which are just as lovely.  I have one more page of my garden journal that I really need to get done so the project is complete for this year.  Already new ideas collecting for next spring as shade is heavier than ever, and I need to move away from some of my standard bloomers.  I'm actually already quite excited to make some changes, and plan to add a special page in my journal to record my 2017 garden ideas.

The above is a tiny secret garden we were steered to while visiting the little country town of Ava a week ago.  We went to attend the Saturday market on the square, and while visiting a wonderful little art gallery, the owner told us to check out her secret garden down the block.  It's not wide enough to stretch my arms between the two buildings.... and at the end she's painted a lovely mural on the skinny wall.  I just love it!  So sweet to take this wee space that no one really sees, and yet make it beautiful!

Speaking of wee creations, I made this tiny pillow last week.  It's actually a little pattern on linen I picked up several months ago.  I've been wanting to create and hook something large and grand..... but just can't come up with what I want, or the enthusiasm to do it.  So.... this little piece was enough to feel productive, and hopefully, jump start a new design.  It's only about 5"x10",  and just the right size to find a good spot.

Someone else has also found a good spot!  Little Iris on the hedge apple rug.  The yellow bird house behind her was one of the reasons we went to Ava.  There was a very old man selling them.  He had lots and lots.... all bright colors.  We ended up getting four!  They are finding homes in the yard, and also for gifts.

I never seem to tire of weaving on my triloom.  I especially like how this shawl turned out.  It's a special order, and will be moving on.  Hard one for me to let go of, but going to a lovely lady and a good home.

It's a bit muggy here.... but I'm feeling fall and good energy.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Yarn Snag

I finally was able to snag this yarn!  A Noro blend I love, and a color that just kept getting sold before I could get my hands on it.  Lovely not purple, not rose, but sort of a combination.

This color makes me think fall.  Added lots of long sari silk and one white quartz crystal as a happy surprise.  It's now in my little shop.


Monday, August 8, 2016

A Home With A Name

I took a fun class the other night at Lowlanders Yarn Shop.  I learned to broomstick crochet.  It was a great class, we received yarn, a hook, and a wee broomstick with the lesson.  I've been crocheting along, and due to an uncorrectable mistake (as in ripping everything out) I added a bit of ribbon.  Always good with shabby ribbon!

Something different, and thought the color variations very pretty.  May make a belt/and or scarf of it.

Working some more on my garden journal.  Finished page three.

I'm going to need two to three more pages to finish up this front garden section.  I really enjoy quick sketchy watercolor painting.  Not too much precision or thought.  Just paint!

We've had quite a bit of rain lately which always brings out the garden visitors.  Had this "lovely" nibbling about yesterday.

I like the happy surprise lilies off to the right.  Things are very lush right now and quite overgrown.  We don't do much about it as we like it like that.  I just control a couple of gardens close to the house and studio.  Feels and looks a bit like a jungle right now.

Peggy over at Woman With Wings wrote about naming her spot..... gardens, sacred spots, home..... and I've thought of this many times.  My idea is Stone Fox Cottage as that fits quite well with our stone house, stone fox head above the door, and the many fox families that have resided here over the years.  I decided to go with the Spanish translation because everything sounds better in Spanish and I'm getting ready to bring out and dust off the little I know for an adventure next year.  So the Spanish translation of Stone Fox Cottage is.......

casa de piedra de zorro
(quite fitting)


Sunday, July 31, 2016

American Made

Spent a lovely day at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art with my friend Ann.  We took a tapestry class, and got to catch the American Made show.  Lots of FABULOUS folk art!  Here's a shot of a lovely old, and gorgeously simple, hooked rug.

We're so lucky to have this absolute jewel of a museum in our area.  Going back soon to spend more time at the show.

I haven't been hooking, but wanting to..... just don't have a design idea right now.  Maybe something small that doesn't require too much time, planning, and wool.

I have been knitting on hubby's yellow socks.

They're bright, happy, and his favorite color.  I ordered this fabulous yarn from old bloggy friend Dag.  She has the most wonderful yarns that she spins and dyes.  Check out her Etsy store!

I've been working on a small garden project.  It seems that each spring I get a bit too excited to clean out my garden, and start pulling up vinca, leaves, etc.  Well I, more than occasionally, pull up other little plants that have been patiently waiting to come up on their own.  Sometimes I forget what they are, and replant.  So...... I started a little watercolor garden journal to help me remember.   These are my first two pages.

They are pretty sketchy and a bit abstract, but fun for me to paint this way.  I've since labeled the plants, and attached little packets to the back of each page for the cards of new plants, and maybe some seeds.  I have three more pages to go to complete this front garden.

Nice rainy day today.... planning to cut some of the pretty crepe myrtle that's profusely blooming at the moment and bring in a bouquet.  Loving summer, but feeling the tug towards fall.  Not yet though.


Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Is......

Spent Sunflowers

The next best thing to sunflowers in a vase, are spent ones laying outside for the birds.  They're still so lovely!  I'm looking forward to tomorrow when our little farm across the road is open and I can get some more.  Way too much shade here for them to grow.

Ava's Hooking Project

Grandchildren are visiting, and that means activities.  Our little Ava finally finished her rug hooked puppy dog.  She worked so diligently on this.  I think she did a really nice job!

Rides In The Convertible Bug

Ava and I have also spent lots of time driving around with the top down (or hood, as she calls it) and AC blasting.  She likes to go where there's lots of people out and about and wave to them as though we're in some kind of parade.  So much fun!

Indoor Fiber Art

Hot days bring me inside to work on more shawls.  Already preparing for fall and holiday bizarres.  I've started adding extra long sari silk in with the fringe and each shawl has one embellishment.  This one is now Janet's, but adorned with a small piece of patina brass.

I really love this turquoise shawl, which is a nice cotton/silk blend.

On all the others I've added one or two rough cut mineral stones.  Small and subtle.  This one has a bit of aqua aura and rose quartz.

The one below has a cool chunk of smokey quartz added to the fringe.

I love the idea of one added stone or embellishment as sort of a "happy surprise" to each shawl.  Not enough to become too hippy or clanky, but you know it's there.

Need to get out and hit the flower garden.  I've worked so hard on it this year, and am proud that I still have quite a bit of color using only perennials with not much sun time.  Maybe two to three hours a day of it.  Discovering new flowering plants through the Master Gardener program, and knowledgeable friends.

Happy Day!


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Summer Shawl

Another shawl with the additions of extra long sari silk and tea dyed ribbon. Great for summer in this soft silk/cotton Noro blend.   Love it against this old disintegrating chair.  The chair should be pitched, definitely not useable.  But it's so beautifully old!  Great prop for whatever I decide to photograph!

Very hot and extremely humid, but I love the jungle effect we have surrounding our house.  Daily visits by deer, and a mother raccoon the other morning with at least seven babies bumping into each other.  So cute!  Watched a hawk flutter up outside the studio door with a snake.  That didn't end well.  I like all the dampness.  It looks and feels lush.  Great for skin and hair!  Another summer day in the Ozarks.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Knitting Knitting Knitting

Did you know that last Saturday was World Wide Knitting In Public Day?  No?!  Well, I did and invited Tammy along to find somewhere interesting to knit.  We decided on a favorite haunt, Inspirational Home in Galloway Village.  We found a cool and cozy little bench by the creek, and the lovely proprietor, Debra, was so kind to take our picture.

We didn't get much knitting done, but had a fun day drinking tea, some knitting, and browsing a bit in this lovely little eclectic shop by the creek.

I finally finished my "forever" log cabin knitted throw.

I love the fact that all the colors were made with leftover yarn from my shawls.  So, lots of pretty Noro color.  The border is an acrylic I bought that was pretty cheap, but the color works well.  I'm happy with the results, and glad it's done.  These large projects seem fun at first, but get to be a bit of a drag after awhile.

Knitting some socks for hubby with this gorgeous sunny gold yarn

ordered from my friend Dag.  She spins and dyes gorgeous yarns.  This is my husbands favorite color, and it's very modeled with lovely striations of shades of yellow and gold.  Very soft too, so nice to work with.

Excited to begin another little knitting project.  I ordered a pattern from Ravelry to make one of these super cute little croft houses.

I just love little houses!  Also looks pretty easy and a great use of small yarn bundles.  Cute gifts!

Very very hot here..... gardening only in the mornings, outings and projects in the cool indoors.


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Happy Day

Today has been fun for the following reasons:

- package in the mail
- surprised visit from a my friend, Ann
- finished another shawl
- hydrangeas!
- wearing my new pretty red glasses

I won't go into all of above, but here's a peek at my happy day........

I received a lovely package today from Peggy at Woman With Wings.  I've admired all her creative endeavors, and really love her stitched moon clothes.  We did a little trade, and today I received the June Cloth.... my birthday month!

Love the color, little house with eye, the calendar, the complete composition!  So charming.  Thanks Peggy!

I finished another shawl in my favorite Noro yarn.  A gorgeous grass green in a cotton/silk blend.

I already have one of these green lovelies, so added this one to my Etsy shop.

I hosted a class on hydrangeas for our local chapter of Master Gardeners Monday evening.  Our extremely knowledgable presenter shared her love of hydrangeas.  Mine are, for the most part, full and lovely this year.  I put one pretty white bloom in my little vintage heart vase I found while flea marketing with my buddy Tammy.

I have lots of blue and pink plants, but not wanting to cut blooms yet (tip:  leave blooms on plant until color is completely full.  the cut blooms tend to wilt sooner if the color is not all the way in).  The robin is a pastel I did a few year ago.

It's blazing hot here!  Hope you're staying cool.  I'm weaving in my air conditioned studio, drinking lemonade, and gardening in the very early morning.


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Etsy Time

It's that time of year again...... yes, updating and reviving my Etsy store.  For now, I'm just adding a few shawls as I finish them.  I put in three today, and will add another pretty blue next week.

Here's what I have so far:

All three are made with gorgeous Noro yarn, in a silk/mohair blend.  Very light weight, and nice for all seasons and occasions.

This one is mine, but love the green and have yarn to make another.  Its's a silk/cotton Noro blend.  Such a great color!

So.... if you like green, may have one in the shop in a couple of weeks or so.  You can visit at

I take these everywhere in the spring and summer to stay warm in overly air-conditioned shops, restaurants, etc.  They wad up nicely in a tote.... no wrinkles ever!  That's what you get with great yarn..... gorgeous color, and soft great texture!


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Blooming Posy Bags

I've started making my little over the shoulder hooked bags again.  I really enjoy the process of design, color, and texture.  I would sort of like to start hooking something large, but haven't felt pulled that way, and frankly, don't have room in my home for another large piece.  Of course, I shouldn't say that because new becomes old, and old usually finds it's place over chairs on the porch, or home on my studio floor covering spots on the carpet I can't seem to remove.  And anyway, it's about the process....right?

So here's a quick look at a couple of bags I created last month that were exciting and fun to make.

First, I have what I like to call my "Dazzling Dahlias" bag.  I used some of my "sexy jersey" wool that I purchased from Deanne Fitzpatrick.  Great fun to hook with!  Nice and soft, and lends itself to clipping and twisting.  The background doesn't show up very well here, but it's a gorgeous slate/eggplant blue with a tiny gold thread runny through.  Really works well with the jersey pastels.

This little bag is currently for sale at our library gift shop, "Between Friends".

I was so in love with the background color (because, for me, it's always about the color) that I did another.  I like to call it "Gorgeous Gerbers".

Lots of pretty proddy on this one.  It's also at the same shop.

A happy pair!

 Weaving happening too.  Shawls in shop that I failed to photograph, and a gorgeous pink on the loom.

All is well and in color!