Monday, February 18, 2019

February Quiet

My days are so quiet right now, and I'm really enjoying the pre-spring peace of it all.  Crazy weather from sunny 60 degrees, to ice and snow in the teens.  Right before our last icy snow day, or wintry weather mix as the weather people call it, it went outside and took a few photos of new growth.

Snowdrops about ready to bloom.

And my lovely hellebores will be showing their color soon.

 There should be a nice full bloom from both our dogwoods out front.  White and pink.

I've had flowers on my mind and spent the last week making a new pillow.  I just sort of free hooked with no particular pattern mind.  My only plan had been to leave a nice bit of natural linen showing.

It looks sweet next to my old snowdrop pillow I made several years ago.

I also made a batch of posy pins.

These are really fun and fast to make.  I will be teaching two classes on various ways to make these later in March.

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to clean out my bookcase and dedicate a couple of shelves to my textiles and fiber art.  This is the case in the spare bedroom.

I took bags and totes I had made and stored away and put them out to see...I also have a few textiles out I purchased when in Guatemala last year.  I have a nice little library of textile books and publications that were scattered throughout the house and studio.  I grouped my favorites together on the shelf, and will donate rest to the library.  This sort of job is great when I'm between projects.  Perusing through my books keeps me inspired and dreaming about what comes next.  Well.... actually now that I look at this white bookcase, which is really quite large and painted with white chalk paint, wouldn't it be interesting to paint it multicolored with some stenciling?  I'll probably be out buying paint tomorrow.  No kidding......

A little February heart rock laying on a needle point piece I did at least 20 years ago.

Enjoying the quiet while it lasts.

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Jennifer Richardson said...

The quiet looks so beautiful on you
and where you are:)
The work of your hands kinda makes my heart sing.
Your posies:)
Thanks for sharing the view from your window to the world,