Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Making Stuff

Very busy time right now.  All fun and creative!  I've been sidetracked by a new little lovely, paper mache tea cups.  On Easter while others were painting eggs, I had my hands in flour and water making paste.  These are my first two cuties.

I used an Ann Wood pattern that you can find here.  I have three more put together just waiting for paper mache and paint.  I'm kind of obsessed with these.

Because of being side tracked by tea cups, I haven't done a whole lot in my sketchbook this week.  Below is an exercise I did using my Tombow pen.  tricky....

I've finished up several shawls over the past month or so.  Two are at our library gift shop, Between Friends, and these two I'm holding onto for a sale later in the month.

I'm currently using a gorgeous Noro solo yarn that's a cotton/silk blend.  Lightweight and perfect for spring and summer!


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Painting My Spring

Well..... It's that time.  Gardening and spring cleaning.  Actually, I'm painting instead.  Although, I spent 3 hours in the garden on 3 different days over the past week and am paying for it.  Allergies for the first time ever!  So surprising and aggravating!  Spring cleaning is some sort of myth from the 50's, but I do love to throw open all the windows!  But I digress from the purpose of my post, painting......  I'm continuing with Jane Lafazzio's art class, and loving it.  This six weeks we're continuing to journal with our sketchbook and watercolors, only adding in some mixed media.  So far we have been planning pages with items from nature, then expanding with the designs.  I've done three pages this week.

I've been plucking things from around the yard for inspiration.

Also really enjoying Danny Gregory's book, Everyday Matters.

I took it to heart, and while we were on a little trip to Crystal Bridges I did a quick sketch of my jewelry for the day,  and one of a section of this fabulous art museum, built as giant pods resting on the water.

Everyday does matter!

And here's my guy outside 21C on his very special birthday!

I also enrolled in Jane's Cereal Box Journaling class.  I won't go into all that, other than it's creating journals with a watercolor surface from boxes, such as cereal, crackers, etc.  I made one to use when I'm out art journaling with friends.

These are all pages done while out and sketching.  The heart with the flip pages was done, again at Crystal Bridges, just the other night.  Was so lucky to attend a talk with artist, Faith Ringgold.  Her quilt, created for Maya Angelou, currently resides at the museum.  Such a treat!