Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Quiet Creative Winter

Wow!  Time flies too fast!  It's been over a year since I've blogged, and frankly, I thought I was done with blogging.  But I find myself missing it.  I don't check out as many other blogs as I used to, but plan on getting back out there.

Over the past year I've been creating regularly and trying some new things.

Mixed media painting

A bit of portrait painting

Some sewing

And..... as always....... knitting and rug hooking

I will really try to be a bit more regular here.  I've been so tied up with Instagram because I love the sort of curated and easy little virtual magazine I've created by following all those that inspire and post  regularly.  But I do miss the nice little reads I get from other bloggers.  It takes more time, and of course, social media is mostly all about pictures, less reading, and speed.  This quiet post holiday time of winter is perfect to slow down and appreciate and take a bit more time with things.  Maybe that's why I'm feeling more inclined to blog.

Hope all is well in your world!

P.S.  Next post I'll take time to write a bit more.


taiqi said...

Glad you are back. It is nice to see what you have been working on--always an inspiration.

Jan Hebert said...

Hi Dulcy, just found your blog! I'm sure you won't answer but I would love to know what yarn you are using for your socks in this post. They are so pretty! Love your artwork and creative spirit. I too am fond of so many different art forms. I quilt, rug hook, knit, weave, paint, crochet...the list goes on. I would love to get a triangle loom next, your shawls are amazing! Jan in MA

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