Monday, February 18, 2019

February Quiet

My days are so quiet right now, and I'm really enjoying the pre-spring peace of it all.  Crazy weather from sunny 60 degrees, to ice and snow in the teens.  Right before our last icy snow day, or wintry weather mix as the weather people call it, it went outside and took a few photos of new growth.

Snowdrops about ready to bloom.

And my lovely hellebores will be showing their color soon.

 There should be a nice full bloom from both our dogwoods out front.  White and pink.

I've had flowers on my mind and spent the last week making a new pillow.  I just sort of free hooked with no particular pattern mind.  My only plan had been to leave a nice bit of natural linen showing.

It looks sweet next to my old snowdrop pillow I made several years ago.

I also made a batch of posy pins.

These are really fun and fast to make.  I will be teaching two classes on various ways to make these later in March.

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to clean out my bookcase and dedicate a couple of shelves to my textiles and fiber art.  This is the case in the spare bedroom.

I took bags and totes I had made and stored away and put them out to see...I also have a few textiles out I purchased when in Guatemala last year.  I have a nice little library of textile books and publications that were scattered throughout the house and studio.  I grouped my favorites together on the shelf, and will donate rest to the library.  This sort of job is great when I'm between projects.  Perusing through my books keeps me inspired and dreaming about what comes next.  Well.... actually now that I look at this white bookcase, which is really quite large and painted with white chalk paint, wouldn't it be interesting to paint it multicolored with some stenciling?  I'll probably be out buying paint tomorrow.  No kidding......

A little February heart rock laying on a needle point piece I did at least 20 years ago.

Enjoying the quiet while it lasts.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Winter Means Make Something!

Brrrrrrr..... cold wet snowy icy.  We've had it all, but not nearly as bad as many other parts of the country.  Actually pretty typical January, one extreme to the other!  Perfect days to get in the studio and create.  

One project I've been working on is some triloom weaving.  I've been weaving a pretty melon cotton shawl for spring.

I think it will be just the right touch with a white tee shirt. Triloom weaving is so relaxing..... I love listening to podcasts or books while weaving.  Sometimes even a movie on Netflix!  

I've also been having fun with flowers.  I purchased the Raggedy Flower pattern from Primitive Spirit and spent an afternoon hooking pretty posies.  

It's fun to make them into little pins.  Directions for all of this comes with the pattern.
Here I have it pinned to my navy pea coat.  You can see a peek of a bag I needlepointed at least 20 years ago.  The pattern is from an old folk art needle point book by Mary Norden.  I've needlepointed several of her patterns..... not doing needlepoint these days, but who knows, may decide to give it a go again.

 I will soon be teaching a rug hooking class at Pheonas's.  Pheonas's is a CHARMING historical home turned into a shop and studio in Billings, Missouri.

Over the course of two classes we will hook and assemble this pretty pansy pillow.

We will meet Saturday February the 9th from 1:00-4:00 for hooking, and Saturday March 2nd at the same time for assembling.  All materials are provided, and no experience is necessary.  Great time of year to learn a new skill, or add some additional techniques to your rug hooking repertoire.

Hope you're warm and cozy.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Quiet Creative Winter

Wow!  Time flies too fast!  It's been over a year since I've blogged, and frankly, I thought I was done with blogging.  But I find myself missing it.  I don't check out as many other blogs as I used to, but plan on getting back out there.

Over the past year I've been creating regularly and trying some new things.

Mixed media painting

A bit of portrait painting

Some sewing

And..... as always....... knitting and rug hooking

I will really try to be a bit more regular here.  I've been so tied up with Instagram because I love the sort of curated and easy little virtual magazine I've created by following all those that inspire and post  regularly.  But I do miss the nice little reads I get from other bloggers.  It takes more time, and of course, social media is mostly all about pictures, less reading, and speed.  This quiet post holiday time of winter is perfect to slow down and appreciate and take a bit more time with things.  Maybe that's why I'm feeling more inclined to blog.

Hope all is well in your world!

P.S.  Next post I'll take time to write a bit more.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Winter Quiet


Freezing here, as it may be wherever you are.  Good time for some new year's reflection.  I decided to break from blogging for a bit.  It's one of those "things" that feels a bit like it's hanging over my head with a loss of enthusiasm.  Of course. I could just not return for awhile or longer, but it seems that lots of bloggers do that.  I'll take a look at what sounds like an interesting blog and see that the most recent post date was in 2013!  So, instead of just leaving it hanging out there, thought I'd let my readers know that I'm giving my little blog a rest.  I do post under "dulcysdoorstep" on Instagram all the time.  So if you want to keep up with me, just pop in there.  Also, I still keep up with many of you that are blogging.  This means that I do check out my side bar and see if anything new is up with you!  

Happy New Year, and hope to see you on Instagram!


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Shawls, Bags, and The Little Blue Cupboard


I've been making, and organizing, and trying to make creative plans for 2018!

Put a couple of shawls and bags in the Between Friends library gift shop where I volunteer one night a week.  It's the absolute best place to shop for gifts and just fun things for yourself.  No tax, and proceeds go back to the library.  WIN WIN!

I've got another on the loom that needs to be fringed, just haven't "felt it" lately.  Maybe this weekend I'll get back at it.

I'm showing a bit of my work for the month of December at a sweet little bistro, Tea Bar and Bites Cafe.  "Willow's Dream" is one of five pieces I'm showing.  The reception is tomorrow evening, and I'll post a few photos from that soon.

Willow's Dream

Having the best time with my Little Blue Cupboard spot at the Vintage Peddler Antique and Vintage Market.  

I've put a bit of Christmas in, but looking forward to January for a complete redo.  It's a tiny spot, but I've got big plans!

Loving this late spring like weather, but also looking forward to a bit of winter (crazy, but I love all four seasons!).  We don't have as much of that anymore, and things are starting to rebloom, not to mention insects are still out and about.  Saw a pretty little yellow butterfly the other day.  Oh... and a couple of mornings back, I was up early getting ready for my morning swim, stepping into the dark living room to turn on a light, looked up, and a bat was splayed out on the ceiling!  After much swooping about, hubby was able to get it in a large jar without any injuries for us, cats, or the bat.  Aren't bats supposed to be hibernating by now?


Monday, October 30, 2017

I Love Old and Vintage

Well..... I'm in a vintage pottery state of mind these days.  Not sure exactly what brought this back after many years of lost interest (well, sort of, but not really).  I imagine it has a lot to do with having my little flea market blue cupboard space.  I've been searching eBay for McCoy mostly.  I received this lovely tulip vase in the mail the other day, and this is what I unwrapped.

So sad and so well packed, it's hard to imagine this could happen, but the seller was awesome and immediately refunded my account.  I just didn't have the heart to throw the poor thing out, so I got out the glue!

After a bit of handy work, she's got a few tiny scars, but definitely does not belong in the trash.

I also rescued a very slightly damaged piece from the Vintage Peddler where my cupboard is.  Such a small repair, that I nor the young girl who works there could find the crack..... eventually found a tiny place when I got this pretty girl home.  Practically invisible, and only $6!  Here she is posed next to a sweet Roseville I also got at a very good price.

So..... Sunday...... I washed several pieces of my pottery and redisplayed a few.  Love the blue/greens.

The beautiful carved piece was done by a potter friend.

Another recent flea find was this pretty tole painted tray I found while on the hunt with bestie Katie.

I stuck on a few magnets I found a few years ago in Amsterdam.  They're actually hiding a few scruffy places, but I think they add a nice little touch.

Lastly, here's a view out our front living room window of a precious little dogwood which has turned a glorious red!

Happy Fall

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Little Blue Cupboard

I haven't posted in ages, but a new blog post has been on my mind quit often.  I know readers get tired of the same old thing, and blogs are so much more time consuming than Instagram or some such photo sharing site.  But..... I do like keeping it going, and am regularly impressed and finding new interests when connecting with other bloggers.

My new life event has been renting out a very tiny flea market space in the most lovely flea market in town.  Really!  It's called the Vintage Peddler, and one day while visiting, I asked if there might be a small spot the size of maybe a cabinet.  A cabinet is about all I want to play with and be responsible for.  Well.... Shelly, the owner, had the perfect spot!

This gave me the perfect excuse to purchase this sweet blue cupboard that had spent many years in a local florist's shop.  So..... I call my spot The Little Blue Cupboard.  Not that any of the vendors name their spots that I know of, but how could I help myself!

Here's a few shots of some of the other lovely and inviting booths you can find at the Vintage Peddler.

I don't have many personal items that I'm wanting to move on, as I love most everything I own.  I tend to form very personal attachments to things....... but,  I do love a good garage or estate sale!  I only purchase what I would want in my own home, and only when the price is right!

Aside from flea marketing duties, I have been hooking small bags.  Love these tiny owl bags.  I used vintage french velvet ribbon for straps on two of them, and some gorgeous rust colored sari silk on the third.  Just the right touch!

Such fabulous fall colors!

And..... I recently finished weaving a new shawl.  Adding lots of long sari silk in the fringe.  Adds to a nice drape and more of a boho look.

I'm in major fall nesting mode at the moment.  Love tucking in and the change of light and color.  Hope you are enjoying a lovely fall too!


Monday, August 14, 2017

That's What I Do

Blog Post Time

I'm still at it.... can't seem to stay away.  And the true reason is that I'm continually wowed with several very awesome blogs I've seen lately.  Women who write about all kinds of interesting and somewhat relevant (depending) topics.  Art, fashion, hair, more art, books.   I haven't linked anything new in my sidebar, but will get to that soon.  Stay tuned as you'll discover some very funny, artistic, and thoughtful musings and photography.

So.... I'm

Sleeveless with shawl.  Tank underneath, and sort of a 
cool look as is.

Well, ok, it's just another shawl.  The story on this one is that I was not the least bit inspired by the color.  But I continued to weave just wanting it done and off the loom.  When finished I tea dyed some ribbon, dug out more of my dwindling supply of sari silk, but then.... happy, but not just super excited.  I rooted around in the studio, and came up with an unopened ball of some luscious gold thick/thin Italian yarn.  I added long streamers between all the ribbon and sari silk.  That did it!  Love it, and it looks and feels so fall, fall, fall!

Kinda loving this little "blowing in the wind" shot.

And here's


Willow's Dream mounted on canvas.  She's a sweetie for sure.  I think I got her little smile, and intensely blue eyes about right.  I dyed most of this wool, and what doesn't show up, is the very tiny gold threads that run through out.  Gives this piece a very subtle sparkle.  If you read my blog, you probably know this is wool hooked onto linen.  If not, well there you go..... that's what I do!

I'm trying to get up the courage to apply for a spot in a Chicago show.  I have the application bookmarked, but can't quite get to filling it out yet.  Not even sure what I'd enter.  Self-esteem, fear of failure, etc.  We'll see.... it all depends on my inner spark.  If I'm tired.... no way.... If I'm in a general burst of energy and creativity ..... there's a good chance I'll apply, then fret about it later.  

Ok.... hang in there.... here's something new!

I made a dress!

Picked up this cute Tina Givens pattern and fabric on complete impulse.  Just stared at it for a couple of weeks.  Then started to cut.  At that point I began to get a little excited.  I remembered my old sewing days (still use the used machine I bought when I was 18).... gathering, basting, etc.  What's completely wonderful with this pattern..... no facings, honoring the fray by leaving edges sewed to right sides, no darts or enclosures of any kind.  Actually, my cat could probably make this.   But I'm pretty  proud.  I'll wear it and have hubby take a photo.  It will be perfect this fall with tights, boots, and a very pretty pink shawl I have socked away.

Lastly, here's a dreamy shot taken the other day at Sandstone.... the most gigantic and truly magnificent garden store.  We went there and had a fab lunch, then drooled at all the concrete statuary and fountains.  Need a trip back with a truck!


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Summer Musings

Oh.... hello!  Been awhile.  I battle with this blog thing.  Can't seem to get myself to post anymore, but then I read these great posts on other's blogs, and I think "well, blogging's not dead yet".  And.... I really do like taking photos and writing about them.  I use Instagram all the time.  It's become a tiny hobby.  Love using the filters, and curating my own little band of people and organizations that I like to follow.  It's sort of like a magazine of pictures that I've personally chosen.  But...... I'm here today to lay a few shots down of my beautiful, but extremely hot and humid world.  Although....the upside with all this humidity is skin, nails and hair.  Really, there's a big difference this time of year as opposed to days on end in heated enclosures.  But, boy do I LOVE a change of seasons!  Would not want to live where it's the same day in and out.  Oh dear, a bit off topic (whatever my topic is.......) not sure.

This photo was taken from the upstairs bedroom window a couple of weeks ago before all this heat wrapped us up in it's sweaty grip .  The mimosa has grown so much this year.  It's become a cloud of pink, with the most heavenly scent.  This tree has been in bloom for a month!  But I'm looking outside right now, and blooms are browning and tumbling into birdbaths and our pond.  Still, the aroma is fabulous if you catch the breeze just right.

See all those pink puffs!  All the same tree crowning our back yard.  It's like a tropical jungle.

I use these super hot days of summer to spend time in my studio with the AC cranked up, and podcasts and Netflix keeping me company (I've discovered "Absolutely Fabulous"  Hysterical!).  Things are a bit untidy, but it's my "happy place".

I took this shot today.  You may see the green shawl I'm working on, and the canvas that I've just painted red.  The color is actually called Christmas Red, but it has just a touch of orange in it that makes it perfect to mount this on.

My Willow Rug.... Willow is our extremely sweet girl.  This rug is done, with a few tweaks since I took this photo.  I'll post again when I have her mounted on canvas.  I'm showing her in December at a little exhibition I'm having.  Just four large pieces.

My new favorite shawl is the most gorgeous dusty sort of lavender.  Lovely silk/cotton blend.  I tea dyed much of the attached ribbon.

Smashing against the old green iron bench!  I chalk painted that bench a couple of years ago, and it just gets better with time and the elements.

Speaking of green.... here's little peek of a deck corner.  Everything is here, because it's the only spot that receives any sun.  I keep a few herbs and my trusty geraniums.

Fact:  when in France I saw that people really do have tidy window boxes of geraniums sitting on windowsills.  The scent keeps away insects.  Good to know.  I loaded up on red this year and have several pots located about.

And lastly...... enjoy this sweet little video I took the other morning of a very industrious garden spider.  The web was amazing with the east sun shining through.  All golden and sparkly!