Wednesday, May 5, 2021


 Sometimes I have difficulty staying in my happy place which is mindful and creative.  But, my best solution for that is to get outside and walk, garden or just sit and observe.  Lately we've had a visitor to our pond.  This large friend swoops in and we never see him arrive or leave.  He obviously likes to visit the pond, which is overrun with gold fish.

                             This gorgeous barred owl is very intent on what's happening below.

I recently finished hooking my large poppy pillow.  I really enjoyed adding the golden background!

I'm stuck on what I want to do next, but thinking of a small bag similar to the pillow.  Maybe a couple poppies with the gold background.  I think it would be stunning!

Have you ever used Blurb to make a book?  I've been curious, and then discovered this free Blurb app for my phone.  You can make tiny 5"x5" books.  The layout is super easy, and not too badly priced.  I made a few of these of my hooked bags created over the years.

It's really cute!  Great app to make little books for gifts.

I've been trying to knit a Stephen West shawl.  I think I've set a record for ripping out and starting over.  The pattern doesn't seem that difficult, but tons of yarn overs are creating a mess in my mind.  I ripped again this morning and decided to wait for awhile.  It's just not my time for this project.

Tulips are spent, but new things are showing up.  Very excited about gardening this year!  I'm keeping things simple and hoping that everything from last year comes back.  

Still have my Etsy Store going, and hoping to add as time goes by over the summer.  Maybe a couple more bags and shawls.  Enjoying spring right now!



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