Thursday, April 15, 2021

Happy To Be Back!

 I haven't blogged in a really long time.  I had lost interest, and found myself smitten with Instagram, which is a site that I really enjoy still.  But, I decided to give blogging another try, hopping to share more thoughts and content.  Hopefully I can stay with it.  There's still blogs that I love to look at, and I think more people are starting to blog again.  Maybe?

I'm still rug hooking.  The above is my current project, which will eventually be a large poppy pillow.  I stopped hooking for awhile, but joined Deanne Fitzpatricks creativity class called The Harbour.  It's a monthly class for one year full of great books, interviews and lots of creative inspiration and discussion.
This class really got me jump started back into rug hooking!

I've also had a lot of fun designing and constructing hooked bags.

These three are my most recent.  The blue and black are currently in my

Another favorite pastime that I continue is weaving on my triloom.  I'm addicted to Noro yarns and have recently woven these two lovely shawls made from a soft and vibrant cotton blend.  They drape beautifully!

These two shawls are also in my shop.

Another fun thing that I recently dipped my brush into is Annie Sloan Chalk paint.  I have/had these white cupboard doors in my bath.  Well, I became enamored with Annie Sloan's chalk paint palette after reading an article about her in Selvedge Magazine.  I fell in love with all her colors, but really have a passion for the Antibes Green.  So I used that on the insets of my doors.  Then I cut a stencil using inspiration from seeing the gorgeous purple/black tulips in Amsterdam.  So happy with the results!

Hope you're enjoying this gorgeous spring.  All the flowering trees are in full bloom here.  The colors and lilac fragrance outside my door in amazing!

One of my new fancy tulips I planted last fall.


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