Thursday, November 30, 2017

Shawls, Bags, and The Little Blue Cupboard


I've been making, and organizing, and trying to make creative plans for 2018!

Put a couple of shawls and bags in the Between Friends library gift shop where I volunteer one night a week.  It's the absolute best place to shop for gifts and just fun things for yourself.  No tax, and proceeds go back to the library.  WIN WIN!

I've got another on the loom that needs to be fringed, just haven't "felt it" lately.  Maybe this weekend I'll get back at it.

I'm showing a bit of my work for the month of December at a sweet little bistro, Tea Bar and Bites Cafe.  "Willow's Dream" is one of five pieces I'm showing.  The reception is tomorrow evening, and I'll post a few photos from that soon.

Willow's Dream

Having the best time with my Little Blue Cupboard spot at the Vintage Peddler Antique and Vintage Market.  

I've put a bit of Christmas in, but looking forward to January for a complete redo.  It's a tiny spot, but I've got big plans!

Loving this late spring like weather, but also looking forward to a bit of winter (crazy, but I love all four seasons!).  We don't have as much of that anymore, and things are starting to rebloom, not to mention insects are still out and about.  Saw a pretty little yellow butterfly the other day.  Oh... and a couple of mornings back, I was up early getting ready for my morning swim, stepping into the dark living room to turn on a light, looked up, and a bat was splayed out on the ceiling!  After much swooping about, hubby was able to get it in a large jar without any injuries for us, cats, or the bat.  Aren't bats supposed to be hibernating by now?


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Peggy said...

Hi Dulcy! Your little blue cupboard shop looks like so much fun, what a great idea, can't wait to see what you've got planned for it next month. Drooling over your amazing color work, always very inspiring. xoxo

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