Friday, July 20, 2007

What A Big Yawn!

Iris sleeping in the afternoon heat on the screened-in porch.

Indigo Bunting

My husband went out to the Conservation Nature Center after I told him about the beautiful wildflowers I had seen that morning while walking with my brother. He went out that afternoon and shot a picture of this little indigo bunting.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Busy Summer!

Nighttime Garden Fox is finally complete and hanging on the wall of our bedroom. I binded the edge with the same fantasy wool (Tammy's dyed wool) that I hooked most of the fox in. Hopefully, going to draw Daytime Garden Fox next week!

I hooked this Karen Kahle cute little "Hit and Miss" bag. I got the pattern at the workshop of hers I attended in K.C. this summer. I hand stitched the bag myself (major for me!). I used only scraps and some wool I dyed for the lining and strap. Stuck on a couple of vintage buttons and done!
Finally finished the ravens (except for binding). Last large piece I'm going to do for awhile! The background drove me nuts as the rug got heavier and heavier. Guess I need a stand.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Hooking Gift From Katie

Katie created and hooked this cute little scissor keeper. The girl is one of our favorite authors, Ann Lamott!

Evening With Friends

Our dear friends Katie and Mark had us over for dinner the other night. Fabulous food with fabulous friends!

Scenes From The Des Moines Art Show

My husband and I spent some time in Des Moines a couple of weeks ago. He is a photographer and does outdoor art shows (among teaching and freelance work). Art shows can be fun, but are a lot of hard work. Des Moines has a great show and the following are a few scenes from there. By the way, while there I was able to hook the entire Karen Kahle "Hit and Miss" bag!

Joffrey Ballet performed on outdoor stage at the show.
Sidewalk artist at the Des Moines show.

Fireworks at the show!