Monday, April 20, 2009


We had an absolute blast Saturday rug hooking at the boathouse overlooking Springfield Lake. The following are just a few pictures of our day.

Part of our Springfield crew. What a group of talented hookers!

What would we have done without Joan's sweet, helpful girls? They signed people in, put out mountains of delicious food, and kept the door prizes coming!

Tammy, who organized this extravaganza, looking pretty in pink.

Ann with her very first hooked rug.

Sandy with her cleverly embellished girls with umbrellas.

Renee with her "Flower Girl".

Tammy's gorgeous wool.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Time To Draw!

I put your names in this pretty old dish and had my handsome husband, Jim, do the honors.

And the winner is.........SHARON of Sweet Repose! Sharon, I will get with you by email to get details on sending your sweepstakes prize.

I will be having another drawing in May (well....I plan on it anyway). Watch for a little vintage plate next!

Friday, April 10, 2009


While perusing blogs, I so enjoy all the give-aways going on. It's so fun, generous, and simply cool to send something off to someone you've never really met in person! I primarily rug hook to release my creative energy, but also like to dabble in paper, fabric, and glue on occasion. I would just LOVE to give away this little embellished notebook! If you would like to post a brief comment, I will draw one out next Saturday, April 18th!


Yes....I've posted enough of these two, but I'm so happy to have finally bound them both and can all it a "wrap!" The girl rug (that I've now named Reside) is about 30"x24". With the patient help of Tammy, I bound it with wool covered cord. The small piece called "My Backyard" is about 12"x10" and I used wool Biggy yarn and simply wrapped the edge. I'm on to a new rug, which I've finally drawn out and will post after I get some hooking done on it. Watch for bright, bright colors...and hopefully some proddy work!