Saturday, October 31, 2009


My husband and I took our morning walk in the cemetery today.  I should have known something was up when he threw the white sheet into the car.  These are the kind of things I get roped into being married to a photographer.


What a wonderful costume Emma!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Susan Komen Race For The Cure

Last Saturday I was privileged to participate in the Susan Komen Race For The Cure in Little Rock with my sister-in-law Gloria.  Gloria is a 30 year survivor of breast cancer.  This race is HUGE in Little Rock.  It's a 5K that takes a couple of hours due to the crowd of thousands of women and children that take part.  The following is a very small sampling of the pictures I took. There was every kind of pink costume imaginable, music on every corner, men honoring the women as we passed, and best of many smiles and happiness everywhere!  My husband said it was very emotional for him to watch as women crossed the finish line because they were all extremely happy, smiling, waving, and the positive energy flow was staggering!

50,000 Thousand Women Marched!

There Was Music!

There Was Dancing!

Everyone Wore Pink!

There Were Lots Of Men Too!

Stripping firemen.

Bikers pretty in pink.

Men cheering us on.

Men in meditation.

My husband snapping our photo as we cross the finish line.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Three Rosie Bags!

Here's the results of about a month's worth of hooking and sewing.  I used the same rose motif for each bag, but they were all hand drawn, so there is a variation in patterns which keep them all unique.   From left to right, I have two clutch bags, and the third has a strap.  Each bag has a contrasting plaid wool lining.  They each measure about the same, which is approximately 8"x9".  The bag with the strap is a bit deeper.  I'm on to one more rose bag, then may take a break and prod myself a kitchen rug.  Not so much to think about when prodding....