Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pillows and Teapots

This is my latest....I'm working on a hydrangea pillow design.  I'm trying to keep my colors faded and old looking, and I'm really loving working with a different color palette than my usual brights.  I have yet to finish the motif and hook the border.  I'm then planning on prodding the edges with deep purple/rose petals.  You know, I've lost count of how many pieces I've hooked over the past 5 or 6 years, but have never done a pillow.  I'm hoping it will be the first of 3 floral pillow designs I have dreamt up.

Moving on to teapots and tea cozies............

Notice my poor naked teapot to the left.  Well, I made a cup of tea yesterday morning.  After I poured it I decided to put my newly hooked tea cozy by Primitive Spirit (Karen Kahle) over my teapot for a sort of warming test drive.

It looks just too cute, but really wanting it to be functional.  About half hour later we had a visitor.  I asked him if he'd like a cup of tea, and he said, "I would love one".  Well, I was a bit worried that my water would have cooled too much by then, and I would need to make another pot.  But, YIPPEE, the water was still quite hot after being kept all tidy and warm in it's tea cozy.  I lined the cozy (as per directions from Karen) with a quilted muslin, so that's what did the trick.  I'm sure all that hooked wool didn't hurt.

Moving on.....once again I spent too much $$ at Teal's nursery this afternoon.  After planting my pots all morning, I went and bought more for hanging baskets....also found a gallon pot of Spanish Lavender with the most beautiful blooms.  I already have a few lavender plants, but not Spanish.  So.....I'm out the door with gloves and spade!  Have a fab weekend. xo

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lavender Tea Cozy and Indigo Bunting....I Love Spring!

Finished hooking my tea cozy from Primitive Spirit (Karen Kahle) and will get to the assembly part soon.  I simply LOVE this little piece.  Started it at the Boat House Hook In, and haven't put it down.  I tried to follow her color scheme, because it just grabbed me, and I didn't want it any different.  This, with my Pretty Chicken Kitchen rug, will be my kitchen updates for the year.  Lots cheaper than new appliances, counters, and tile!   I am really anxious to begin a new pillow design, so not sure if I can wait to begin hooking again.  I'm one of those hookers who needs to finish one project before I move on to the next.  But.......enough about hooking......I jumped on getting this post done, because below you'll see an indigo bunting that was at my feeder a bit ago, and I just had to share it with you.  The photo is a bit blurred because I had to take it through the kitchen window, and the little darling kept moving about.  These tiny beauties are a sure sign of spring at our place.  Sometimes I've seen them all over the drive, and it literally looked like bright blue paper had been tossed about.

 to do some yoga, and then head out to a wonderful nursey in Ash Grove to load up on annuals for the pots.  Enjoy this lovely springy Friday!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2nd Annual Boathouse Hookin

The Boathouse Hookin was Saturday, and I'm sharing a few shots with you.  Above you'll see Tammy, Katie, and Renee.....a few of my Springfield hooking buddies.  As you scroll down you'll see a few pictures of rugs done by our talented crew from the Ozarks!

Felting by Vicki gets my "WOW" vote!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pretty Chicken Kitchen Rug

Pretty Chicken Kitchen Rug.....say that three times fast!  
She's hooked, and now onto the bind off....strips or covered cord?  She will be on the kitchen floor in front of the sink, so will take a lot of wear.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What's Cookin' At Tammy's?

Tammy (middle) invited Sandy (left) and myself over for a day of wool dyeing.  We got an early start at 9:00 A.M.!

Sandy was having fun with spot dyeing......


I was working with some Karen Kahle recipes for my tea cozy.

Quite a bit of creativity and experimentation began to happen............

We don't know what to use it for.........but we LOVE it!

The fruits of our labors

Thought all the wool might look interesting wadded up like Easter eggs (you'll have to use your imagination a bit).

Lonnie was bushed after a busy day of supervising us wool mavens......
We left at 5:30.....