Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Color Abounds!

Color is everywhere around here, and it's really got me psyched to hook, plant, cook, and just plain create!

We planted many hydrangeas a few years ago, and they're really starting to burst forth with color.  I love it when the colors are not set, but rather mixed.... yet they change over time.  Right now this beauty is pink, blue, and green.  Lovely after last night's rain.

It's really hard to beat white!  This is a small portion of a massive bush that's probably a good forty years old.  It's great for cutting huge bouquets.

I planted this hanging basked with just one wave petunia plant.  It was kind of spindly at first, but has filled out nicely.  I'm currently in love with old fashioned pinks and blues in the garden.

I love the lavender plant mixing in with the pink dianthus.

Jim and Graham feeding the fish among the day lilies.

Swinging in the sunshine.

And playing freeze tag.

Lastly....  the new fall bag I'm currently working on.  I couldn't get my hands on the antique black I had originally chosen as a background.  My best surprises are when I'm forced to rethink my plan.  I found this lovely dark teal/green that gives the piece a more jewel tone feel.  I will hit and miss various colors from the flowers around the edge of the dark teal.

Off to prepare my pattern for the Jane Halliwell Green class next week in Searsport, Maine.  Very excited!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Groundhogs and Handbags?

Are groundhogs considered cute?  I believe so....  especially when they are babies exploring the garden.  This little guy was all over the place!  About the size of a small guinea pig.

New fall bag in progress.......

This fall flower motif will be on both sides of the tote I'm currently working on.  I'm thinking of a background in antique black, with lots of hit and miss colors around the edge.

I've sort of veered away from my original hooking plan, which was to do two more summer flower pillows.  I started thinking about how much I'm enjoying my hydrangea tote this season, and how I would like something to replace it in the fall.  So.... started digging through my cabinet of wool, found some colors I love, and started pulling the loops!  Also, I received this stand for my Puritan frame.  My talented can-do-all hubby,Jim, did some alterations, and now I'm hooking comfortably in my favorite chair.

Yes..... I realize there's absolutely no relation between groundhogs and hooking, but those are things that make me happy, so thought I'd share!