Saturday, July 24, 2010

Goodies In The Mail and Hooking Steadfastly

I was so excited to find my package from Sharon of Sweet Repose in the mailbox!  Sharon makes uniquely beautiful jewelry.  I had lusted over her necklaces for a couple of years, and finally took the plunge and ordered this one.  It was calling out "Dulcy..." when I saw it on her blog.  Sharon's work is modern, but has such a nice vintagey antique quality to it.  I love the combination of the black vintage glass with the turquoise crystals.  The bird and charm are burnished and old looking.  It's especially fabulous with a black or white tee shirt (I'm for keeping it simple when I'm wearing a piece like this since it makes a statement all it's own).  Sharon also included a couple hunks of her luscious homemade soaps.  Lilac and Brown Sugar Fig.  My bathroom smells heavenly!  Check out Sharon's blog so you can see her fabulous selection of repurposed antiques and vintage goodies.  She also has a great take on life and art, plus her photography is wonderful!

This hot summer's day finds me diligently hooking away on my front door piece I started last month when attending Jane Halliwell Green's workshop.  I'm so excited to see that one of her rugs made it onto the cover of the new "Celebrations" book.  I'm not surprised.  Her work is very artfully done with lots of shading and details.  Her wool is fabulous, and Jane's technique is very "painterly......"

Well.... off to run more wool through my cutter.... 4 cut..... must be patient with this one.  Hope this steamy day finds you cool and comfy.  Maybe working on your art, reading a good book, checking out a new flick at the cinema, or perhaps just a catnap is in order.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Find Me At Grandmayellowhair!

I have a little blogazine story over on Maggie's  blog.  We bumped into each other out here in blog land sometime ago, and her stories are just the best.  The first time I read her blog about her escapades with "Ms. Pearl" I was laughing out loud, and have retold them to friends.  My story is mostly things about myself that some of you probably already know, but please check out Maggie's blog on a regular basis.  She profiles other bloggers on her blogazine regularly in addition to her personal posts.  Great way to meet other bloggers and get to know Maggie.  It's well worth your time!

Here's a nice shot from Maine that might cool your brain on this hot summer's day.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Switch Is Flipped To "ON"

Do you ever get that creativity/hippity hop/can't stop/I want to do it all thing going on?  If you're one of my many talented bloggy friends, I know you know exactly what I'm talking about.  My summer switch has been flipped to "on" and I can't stop.... nor do I want to.  So much to do and so little time.  I hope you don't mind me sharing all the little things I've got going on.  My favorite part of blogging is visiting other bloggers and sharing in their creative quests.  It helps keep me inspired!  The following is my current project line-up....

The hooked piece I started in Maine continues with the four cut wool, which is very tiny.... but... love the detail I get with the itsy bitsy pulled loops.  A view of the front door on our rock house.
About a month ago I took a class on needle felting from Vickie (her work is FABULOUS) with my super talented bestest bud and collage artist, Katie (her work is also FABULOUS).  This is just a little experiment.  I'm hooking and felting....  a small mat that I'm making up as I go.
If you've followed my blog for very long at all, you know I'm also a knitter.  Knitting is the thing to have on hand when I can't be at my rug frame hooking.  Hands that can't stay still issue.  The following are my knitted sock (Patience is needed because this can really drive a person crazy using four #1 needles), and I'm loving knitting simple cotton dish clothes.... great to have on hand for quick gifts, and an easy knit, especially when I get the "sock headache".

I've enrolled in an ongoing drawing class to help me with my rug designs.  I love to draw, but really need to hone my skills.  Now it's not much, but it's my first eye.  It took me two classes to draw one eye (I think it may be awhile until I'm doing portraits.....)
This last shot has nothing to do with the subject matter of this post, but I just had to share.  We've had three young Cooper's Hawks soaring and whistling around our yard for some days now.  If hawks can be considered cute (and I believe they can) these fellas are just the sweetest things to watch.  They leap and play and seem so joyful just being alive!  Yesterday, all three were sitting on the garden bench together (let me tell ya, they may still be babies, but these guys are huge!).  I grabbed my camera, but one of them jumped to the top of the bench.  This isn't the greatest shot because I was far away, and in the house.  But if you look closely, you can see the one on top of the bench and the other two on the seat.  I love summer!  Have a beautiful day....
One more thing.... I will be back with more shots from Nova Scotia....eventually.... with a heat index in the 100's, I'm wistfully dreaming of the  breezy Bay of Fundy and the cool climate and roaring waves along the Nova Scotia coastline.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Tote, and Vacation Pics. from Nova Scotia

Above is a shot of my new fall tote.  I just love working with these colors, and I'm especially smitten with the dark teal (I prefer the term "midnight teal") for the background.  One of those wonderful finds when looking for a completely different color.

And now for assorted shots of my trip to Nova Scotia.
Tide pooling on the beach....
Knitting on the ferry...
Gilbert's Lighthouse where I bought a cute hooked mat done by someone in the NS guild.
Coastline with lighthouse (actually, this was taken in New Brunswick).
Shed with fish netting....digging those colors!
Glorious lupine everywhere!!!!!
Lobster traps abound, as does the tasty treat....
 Hastily made new friends who invited us up to watch the sunset over the ocean (there was wine involved.... yippee... great new friends!).

That's all the NS shots I'll display for now.  I don't want you to feel the need to make a hasty retreat with too many "How I spent my summer vacation" photos.  I'll post some next time of the many colorful boats and homes that grace the coastline.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hooking in Searsport Maine

I just returned from a lovely vacation to Maine, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.  And, yes, I'm tired and glad to be home.  But, travel is truly invigorating and always creatively stimulating for me.  It's good for me to see the world through new eyes.  Colors become more bold when viewed from a new perspective.  I just love to see how people live in other parts of the country and world.  I got so excited when I saw the faded salt box houses of Maine, and the brightly colored homes along the coast of Nova Scotia.  Watching whales and dolphins gliding by from the ferry between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia was a real treat as was seeing hooked rugs from the early parts of the 19th and 20th century at the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland Maine.

The original purpose of the trip was to take a rug hooking class with Jane Halliwell Green in Searsport, Maine.  My lovely and talented step-daughter, Lily, took the class with me.  We learned so much, and had such a fabulous time!  I'm posting just a very few pictures from class.

The puppies like resting in the display case (how cute!) greeted us at the door.  Dixie and Dexter love being part of all the goings on.

Dee, my neighbor, and Jim's tour director of the area (thanks Dee!).

Gobs of wool everywhere..  Paradise!

I'll post more of Maine, and shots from Nova Scotia in a few days. xo