Saturday, December 18, 2010

Photos From Home

In and around the house after last week's snow dusting.  Photos by my extremely talented husband and photographer Jim Mayfield.

Hopes for a lovely weekend, and a very happy holiday season!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Amaryllis Love

I'm in amaryllis love at the moment.  I purchased this beauty of a bulb yesterday at our neighborhood nursery.  The color, appearing on the card, seemed to be a pretty pinkish coral.

 These two babies above are bulbs I raised from a mother bulb.  I've had these stored in the garage for a month or so.  I really, really want these to pop and have my fingers crossed that they will.  I just potted them yesterday, and the bulbs are not nearly as large as the first one I posted, but hoping for a bloom.  Of course I check it every hour to see if there's any new evidence of a sprout. These should turn out to be a bright ruby red.

Below are my little Christmas clutches all done and ready for wrapping and gifting.  I'm a little "hooked out" at present... but am sort of jazzed to start a very simple rug that's planning itself in my head.  I just need some color inspiration to get started.

Extremely cold and a little snowy here today.  Got the fire going and trying to brace ourselves to head out to a movie.  Hope you're staying snug and warm!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Share Time....

I ran into an old and very dear, dear friend this morning while out walking.  We shared current family updates and this and that.  We then started to talk about our passions and creative pursuits (he's a master carpenter and teaches those skills at one of our local colleges).   I told him about my rug hooking and current desire to draw and use pastels.  He told me about how he's finally following a dream of his which is to play the electric guitar.  We discovered that we're both at "that certain age" where the old bucket list comes into play.  He told me that he just wants to know he can play the electric guitar well enough to feel good about it.... to have accomplished a goal that's always been on the back burner while it's still realistic to do so.  I told him it's the same with my drawing.  I don't have any aspirations to become good enough to show, sell, or gift... just to feel good about it.  Drawing is so much fun, and it gives me such a sense of accomplishment, more than anything else I've done in some time.  I guess my blog is where I feel comfortable enough to put things I do out there for you guys to see and share a little about where I'm at right now.  So, that being said, here's my latest pastel!
This pastel has been great fun, but also a challenge for me. The piece is somewhat large, about 12"x12".  I love owls, as we have several that grace our treetops regularly.  I think this may be my Christmas card this year.

Below is my latest pencil drawing of our little Iris....
Another challenge, but I learned a lot about shading and light.  Also the use of my various pencils.
Of course I'm still hooking, and once again (oh dear, I just love making these) knitting socks...
I adore this sweet little turquoise stripe..... didn't think I'd be knitting more socks, but I couldn't resist these colors!  Have a wonderful weekend!