Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inspiration Abounds!

It's not hard to find inspiration these days.... color and active wildlife are right outside my window.  This morning a huge raccoon was breakfasting from my "squirrel proof" bird feeder.  It was sitting right smack dab in the birdbath with the edge of the feeder in it's little "hands".  I knocked on the kitchen window, and the masked bandit looked at me like, "Can I help you?" with no intention of ending it's feast!  It finally jumped down and sauntered away...... I know it's just a raccoon, and we've got several living in our wooded world, but I always feel humbled by their tenacity and cleverness.  I must admit that I enjoyed watching it eat for just a bit before it took it's leave.

Back to other inspirations.....I was so excited yesterday when I got home to find a package waiting for me that I was looking quite forward to receiving!

These awesome cards made by Jennifer of Ripplespeak.  Her's is one of my very most favorite blogs... Jennifer is not only a gifted artist, but her poetry is so moving.  She writes from her heart.... and her words are just so completely sincere.  The package contained not only the cards, but other little happies such as the basil seeds and a pressed flower.  Really..... check out her blog, and I'm sure you'll become a regular.  I always find inspiration from her work..... here's a little card of hers I sat on my mantle along with my Julie Whitmore "flutterby"cup, and one of my mom's amazing Ukrainian eggs.

Other recent sources of inspiration have found their way into my mailbox.....

A new Gudrun Sjoden catalog, and the most recent issue of "Selvedge".  I love to drool over the bold prints by Gudrun.... and "Selvedge" is always packed full of wonderful photos and articles about fiber and design.

I'm currently loving the sort of shabby, dusty blue that I used on this bag I made almost two years ago.  It's been such fun to bring it out again for spring. It's gotten just enough wear to make it soft and give it a used look that I love. I always feel inspired when I get out items I love that have been put away for awhile.

I'm using this same shade of blue for the background of my never ending spring/summer rug.  Before making a large hooked rug, remember that you're going to be hooking background FOREVER!

I have not been working on my pastel at all this week, but tomorrow I''m planning to give it lots of attention, and maybe, finish it.

I hope that you're finding lots inspiration in your world........ the redbuds here are just starting to pop!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Robins, Wristies, Jewelry, And The Creative Life

I'm a card carrying member of the Audubon Society, and proud of it!  I have binoculars by the windows, and a journal that I record new birds I spot at the feeder or on our property.  So..... I feel that it's not fair to be partial to any particular bird, I truly love them all..... but...... lately I've become quite enamored with our everyday robins.  Don't ask me why.  I don't consider them any more beautiful or special than other birdies... I just seem to see them differently. They're suddenly on my radar.
Above is a pair of wristies that I recently knitted.  The springy pattern is from owl in the dark who designs the most darling knitting patterns.  It's my first experience with intarsia knitting.  Check out this blog.  I also ordered, and am currently working on the "fawncho" pattern. 

Here's my current "in progress" pastel.  Angry little robin!  Maybe spring hasn't gotten here soon enough for him.

Aside from "robin love" I'm also loving my new necklace made by Delila of Robin And The Sage.  She lives in Finland, and with the necklace, she sent me some some white tea with blueberry muffin flavoring.  I adore Delila's blog, and admire her connection with nature which she demonstrates in her lovely jewelry creations.

I had some ladies over for a rug hooking workshop the other day.  They're using their new skills to take into our community to share with women who need help with life, family, and self-esteem.  I was happy to give what I could to this worthy project.  So..... just prior to tearing apart my studio with wool, burlap, snacks, and manically hooking women... I decided to grab a couple of shots of my creative space.

I thought I'd close this post with a picture of my dear little friend, Emma.  Yesterday was her birthday and she got this sweet bunny hat.  Emma's spring break is in two weeks, and she and I are going to have a special day of lunch, movie, and ice cream!
Happy Weekend!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

I haven't posted anything much on my rug hooking project lately...... and that's because I'm not going at my usual manic hooking pace.  But, actually.... I'm really enjoying this project because I have no particular home for it yet.  It's fairly large, and I'm currently working in little roses around the edge.  I don't have a background color yet, but am thinking blues or perhaps golds.  What color would you choose?  A new perspective might just push me to get going on this one.  I would like it done before we're very far into spring.
It's not really an oval, but a large rectangle...  just thought I'd try out this little enhancement on iPhoto. 

My fox pastel is finished.  I made some body shape changes and added more color in the background since I last posted.  Beneath is the photo I was working from.  This little girl was a very good mama to her wee ones last spring.  We watched her raise them for about a month.  We haven't seen any foxes around lately, but our neighbor saw one the other day that didn't appear to be in very good health.  Poor creatures are pushing into our neighborhoods as we push into theirs.

I'm closing with a simple photo of my kitchen windowsill.  It's one of my favorite places to put tiny bottles and old jars for flower vases.  The iris and red carnations are from the grocery, the forsythia branches are some I brought in a couple of weeks ago to force bloom, and the daffodils, snowdrops, and crocus were picked by me this morning from the yard.  

Sending my hopes to you for a most lovely weekend!