Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Not All Hedgeapples Fall From Trees

Sunday was a perfect day to take my little Fiesta out into the country and enjoy some of the fall beauty........  I love the color of my little car!  Can you figure out my license plate?  HDGAPL


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pals and Paint

What a GORGEOUS fall we are having in the Ozarks!  Well, we always have a fabulous fall here, but this year has been wet (last fall was on the tail end of a HORRIBLE drought, so a bit dry and faded) and all that grows seems super enhanced with rich and lush color.  And it's only just begun!  The timing was  perfect for me to attend a fall artist retreat put on by the very lovely and talented Audrey Bottrell at Indian Point.  Audrey has been my art teacher, and also a very good friend.  Before I left, I got a couple of goodies to take with me..........

One day while lunching with my friend Sally,  we were doing a bit of perusing through the sweet shop attached to the cafe and just yakking up a storm, I spotted this yummy pumpkin colored ledger.

I said, "Wouldn't that be fun to paint in?" and before I could get another word in edgewise, Ms. Sally had whisked it away to the counter and bought it for me!  That silly!  Well, I have a plan for her.... Yes I do!  Look at these fun lined pages.  I see paintings of pears and flowers, cats and apples.... oh can't wait to get started!   That darling little cafe, shop, and garden room is just the best.   My friend Katie, her hubby Mark, and my hubby all ate at  The Vintage Veranda, a couple of weeks ago armed with wine and empty stomachs.  We were the last to leave! 

While recently flea marketing with my same sweet sweet friend, Katie, I found this darling old wooden box.  I thought how perfect it would be to carry my paints to the retreat in.

I had to have it when I saw how it opened out to other compartments.  I think someone had built it, and the wood might be cherry.  It IS a cherry!

During the retreat..... which was spent painting, morning and evening Tai Chi, hiking, eating, talking, meeting lovely new friends...  I painted a bit in my old gardening book and did the same painting as a pastel.  This is a scene from our garden when the day lilies were in full bloom.

I guess the point of this post is the importance to me of time spent with friends.  I always feel so happy and full after an afternoon out with my pals.  I came back from Indian Point energized with ideas for art and life (oh.... I do have ideas!).  I was surrounded by very accomplished painters that were so humble, not the least bit pretentious.... I felt comfortable, and there to learn. The first thing I learned was  "I NEED NEW PAINT BRUSHES"!  You would not believe what I've been using..... oh dear.....


Friday, October 4, 2013


We're so lucky to have a lovely little neighborhood farm within walking distance of home.  It's looking particularly gorgeous this fall, so hubby popped up there the other day and grabbed a few shots of color.

Happy Fall!