Friday, May 31, 2013

A Hodge Podge of Fiber

I've been finishing up projects and dreaming of new ones.

Hooking project..........

Our grandson, Graham is in a new house, and I wanted to make a little rug for his room.  I haven't been there yet, but know his room colors are red and navy.  I wanted to have something a bit rustic, and with his name.  Something simple.

I really enjoyed working with these pleasing colors in a hit n' miss fashion.

This makes me want to hook something like this for myself.  I'm thinking of doing a little bag for summer.  Something soft and old fashioned looking.

Weaving shawls..........

I'll be heading north soon up to Grand Rapids and onward from there.  I'm taking two shawls I made using my triloom for friends I'll be traveling with.

This is a super light weight Noro yarn.  Perfect for summer evenings!

On to knitting...........

I was working at the Master Gardener's Hot Line with my buddy Ann, and she happened to be knitting a great little sock in the most luscious colors.  Loved the yarn, and she told me she got it at Michael's.  I popped over there and picked up some for myself!

I ADORE this color pattern!  This is a cheaper yarn, but feels very nice.  It's a merino, nylon, cashmere blend.  We'll have to see how well it holds it's shape and washes up.  But anytime I can find a good alternative to pricey yarn is fine by me.  But......... texture, color and quality are so important when I knit.  I'm working on a practice sweater out of some acrylic that I just had to put down.  The color is very nice, but I really just couldn't stand the texture any longer.  I hate that "acrylic sheen"!  I may redo it in a cheap cotton before I move on to anything more $$.

Too weird?.........

Okay, this may be really a bit much, but I've had this little hooked piece forever that I've been trying to figure out what to do with.  It was just an experiment using some needle felting with the hooking, and using scraps of this and that.  I decided to mount it on a painted canvas just for something different.

 I sort of have a like/hate feeling about it.  Maybe I'll just set it aside for awhile........... it could end up a pillow................

Have a lovely and creative weekend!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Around and About the Garden......

Garden scenes from my home to yours.........

Happy Weekend!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Garden Shawl, Liesl, and Hooky Spring

Beautiful day to finish my "shades of green" shawl.  Hot off the triloom!

I wove this using a lovely Noro yarn.  Blend of wool, silk, and cotton.  Very light weight and soft.  Perfect for cool evenings in the garden..........  This one will be going to a friend up north I'll be visiting later this summer.

Finished my most favorite Liesl tunic in eggplant.

I finished knitting this about two weeks ago, and have worn it about five times already!  Love the linen yarn.

Working on a rug for grandson, Graham.  His room colors are red and blue with browns.... Thought a hit n' miss using those colors might be fun.

If you hook rugs, you probably know that hit n' miss is not as easy as it sounds.  I don't just grab strips from my basket, but give thought to contrast and placement of neutrals.  It's a fun hook, but can get a bit tedious.  I'm only about half done with this piece.  Thinking of finishing with black covered cording.  I've got three more children's rugs waiting in line when I'm done with this.  Lots of hooky ahead!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Little Flock of Grosbeaks

It's so exciting!  We've had a little flock of rose-breasted grosbeaks right outside the kitchen window in the redbud tree for over two weeks!  The following are photos taken by my husband, Jim Mayfield.

The top two are males, and the other two are the sweet little girls.  They're only passing through from as far away as the West Indies.  I've seen them occasionally at the feeder this time of year, but only one that stays perhaps a day.   This year, so far, I've counted up to seven males and two females at one sitting out in the tree.  It's hard to get much done other than bird watch right now!