Sunday, February 16, 2014

Palette For Firefly

I'm hooking a "just see where it goes" kind of piece.  It's from a photo taken of our little feral cat, Firefly, last summer.  I'm playing with color, and loving the greens with peach, teals, and darks!

Here's the messy palette of wool I'm working from........

The fence behind Firefly will be fun... lots of abstract hooking with wonderful color. 

On a solemn note, little Firefly appears to be very sick.  He will come nowhere near me, but comes out to be fed.  I'm calling the vet, and may try and trap.  From what I can see, he has a rather nasty wound and his poor little eyes are all runny.  It's been such a difficult winter!!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Colors of Russia

Since it's all about the Olympics and Sochi Russia right now.... I thought I'd post a few photographs my husband, Jim Mayfield, took while in Russia several years ago.   Enjoy......

Such beautiful people, architecture, and color.........