Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

It's cold, but it's officially spring!  Daffodils are all over the place, so I brought some in, and added some pretty pink tulips to the mantel (the tulips are from the day old flowers at the market.... cheap, healthy,  and pretty!).

I love to display my pretty hooked spring pillows this time of year.  Well, actually, I have them out all the time.........but love them now with flowers and sunshine in the house!

And the Firefly piece is hooked and bound.  I may eventually attach it to painted canvas as a wall piece.

Firefly is still around.  His bad wound seems to be healing well.... although he won't let me get close enough to get a good look.  We did make progress a few days ago.  Firefly ate a bowl of food on the deck one sunny afternoon and let me sit in a chair a few feet away.  I think he really wants to be part of our family, just too nervous and distrusting.  I plan to try and trap him a bit later this spring.  If that goes well followed by a vet checkup, rabies shot, and the procedure, I'll then make some decisions about the little guy.

I had a lovely afternoon with bestie, Katie.  She had made me this awesome bracelet.

Isn't it just the cutest?!  So we spent a day at her house, where she taught me the technique and I made another for myself.

Mine's the one on the bottom.  It's a process of layering paper, collage, antiquing, and painting onto a wooden bangle.  Such fun!  And the best part is crafting with a special friend......

If you live anywhere around here (or wherever you live!)..... please check out Robin's Vintage Suitcase.

Robin is currently having a major redo of the Vintage Veranda Tearoom part of the shop.  It's sooooo gorgeous and cool!  Hopefully, it will be open in April.  I'll let you know for sure.  Also, the Vintage Suitcase and garden shop are in full bloom.  Check out the above link to a new blog I've been putting together.  Would love to receive your comment.  Also, it would be great to be linked up with you!

Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Firefly In The Garden Times 3

I've been more than a little obsessed with our feral kitty, Firefly.  This is a cat I'm feeding every day.  Have saved from "death's door" with the help of my wonderful vet and antibiotics to heal infection from a nasty wound.  Bought things like a heated cat mat for the garage.... battled raccoons in the same garage when I've kept the door up a bit on horribly cold nights so Firefly could go in, warm himself and eat.  This is a cat that STILL won't let me get close to him AT ALL!  So..... I've determined that Firefly is to be our outdoor friend that I feed and enjoy from a distance for as long as he chooses to stay around.  I think trapping and bringing him in would be a rough situation for current girlie cats, hubby, myself, and Mr. Firefly.

I have been enjoying doing a bit of art work and rug hooking using this little guy as my subject.  Below is a photo my hubby took one evening while we sat on the deck.  Firefly likes to sit outside with us as long as we keep our distance.

I used that photo for a little painting I did last fall.

And recently, began a hooked piece that I just finished........

All different..... fun to play with the wool and try to capture this little guy sitting contentedly in the grass enjoying the lovely summer evening.  Unfortunately, it's once again horribly cold with ice and snow.  We're back to cat mat in the garage and those nasty determined raccoons!  Spring is bound to eventually show up......

p.s.  There are crocus and snowdrops poking they're sweet little heads up.  Hope they make it through these bitter temps.