Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pinafore Fun

I'm so excited because I received my new linen pinafore from Rough Linen!

It's a lovely business that makes handmade linen products that bestie, Jesse, told me about.  She also ordered a pinafore, but dyed her's blue, and it looks fabulous!  Check out the site.  Gorgeous bedding, curtains, and towels. 

I love it with this new shawl that I just finished. 

The lovely neutral linen makes a great backdrop for the jewel tones of the shawl.

You may have noticed our brightly painted fence in previous posts. 

I found an old section that came down during the terrible ice storm several years ago.  My sweet hubby sawed off a nicely distressed piece for me that I can use to mount my occasional pastel work.

I simply attached it with washi tape so I can remove and change out artwork when I have something new.  Saves on framing.... but get to enjoy a piece for a bit and then move it on.

And..... if you've been following my Firefly saga...... here's a recent photo.  You can probably tell he's "been around the block" to say the least.  But such a pretty boy.

I'm a tad worried because I haven't seen him at all today.  Usually he's here at least twice, like clockwork, for meals.  Hopefully, he hasn't gotten into more trouble!