Saturday, May 31, 2014

New Job, Chalk Paint, and Rugs

I'm still over the moon with excitement about my new job at Robin's Vintage Suitcase.  I work in the shop, and also keep her social media up to date.  The shop is constantly full of the old and new.  An oasis of stimulation and creativity.

We carry gorgeous art papers like the piece above.   I went in yesterday to make a paper cone (I'll post pictures of that later) with pretty paper and lovely silk ribbons for the upcoming one year old birthday for our sweet little grand daughter, Ruby.  I used the birdie paper to make my own cone for the spare bedroom.  Speaking of the spare bedroom, I mixed up some chalk paint and painted this little dry sink apple green!

We have several gorgeous pieces of chalk painted furniture in the shop. I got the bug to paint, and love how this piece turned out.  Especially the pretty brown showing through the green and that bit of a distressed look.   Here it is below with everything back in it's place.


I think it looks smashing against the red walls with the addition of my hedgeapple rug.   I also acquired what I call the "Channel No. 5" lamp from Robin's.  Having a regular job has given me gobs more energy, and a bit creative stimulation to begin new projects around the house.

I spent this afternoon with Tammy, do check out her new blog LoYoLife
We've been trying to figure out what we'll be doing for our upcoming Heather Richie rug camp.  Here's the beginning of my newest rug.

Oh dear.... I actually do have a plan, but more on that later.  I do want you to know that I'm still rug hooking.  This piece is going to be larger than what I've been doing, and I'm really looking forward to getting started.

One more lovely thing about the new job at Vintage Suitcase is ...... hubby waiting for me when I get home with a nice glass of wine.....

And, of course, our little cat Iris.

By the way, some these pictures are the result of my new camera app, Camera Plus.  I've had fun playing with the various effects I can get. 

Have a very creative day!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Pieces of The Netherlands and Belgium

A series of shots from our travels to the Netherlands and Belgium.  No particular theme, just people and places.

That's it for today!  I think my next post will be about the boat we traveled on.  Viking River Cruise.... the most amazing, comfortable, and easy way to travel!  Ready to go again!!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

People, Bikes, and a Bit of Shopping

Now that we're home, and jet lag is behind, I'd love to share some of the photos from our lovely travels to the Netherlands and Belgium.  Something that's VERY impressive about Amsterdam, aside from pot smoking in the cafe's, is the bike riding!  Now I know bike riding is much more prevalent in Europe than here.  And I saw it as a major mode of transportation around Holland and Belgium.  But... in Amsterdam that IS the main mode of transportation.  Everyone, every age, rides their bike everywhere.  No helmets.  Cars are discouraged and parking is 7 euros per hour...  Bikes always have the right of way, and if you step out in front of one and get hit... your fault.  So, this post is simply pictures of people, bikes, and a bit of shopping in Amsterdam!

Okay.... enough for now.  I'll post again in a few days with photos of the positively gorgeous and old architecture of Amsterdam along the winding canals.


p.s.  in case you're wondering if I'm ever going to post about rug hooking again.... today I plan on starting a small piece to get me back in the saddle for the Heather Richie rug retreat I'll be attending in June.  Hope to do a piece completely with prodding.  Maybe I'll have some work to show soon!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Travels and Tulips

I'm home from travels to the Netherlands and Belgium.  Waiting for gorgeous photos from hubby to post, but he'll be working on his for a good while.  He took over 2,000!  But that is his job and passion.  So, I grabbed a quicky of tulips from my download.  They were HUGE and everywhere!

I started a new part-time job within two days of getting off the plane at the fabulous Vintage Suitcase!

I'll be working two days a week, but have worked four over the past week.  Whew!  Love it, and it's the perfect fit for me.  Lots of loveliness and creativity going on, great people, and the bit of structure I've been lacking.  So..... will post again soon when I have some gorgeous photos from the lands below sea level!