Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nighttime Garden Fox

I'm loving my little fox! I can't seem to stay away from these bright colors! Thanks to Tammy I have an available supply of "fantasy" wools to choose from. I'm going to do the background in some intense royal blues. This is my own design inspired by foxes living in our yard.

My tiny herb garden next to screen porch door.

Outside my kitchen window.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

She's Done!

Done and binded! I still have to find a place to initial. I have the rug sold and am going to make a pocket for the back that has a copy of the original drawing. My friend Wendy, who bought the rug, felt the girl reminded her somewhat of herself. When you see the next picture you'll know why!

New Owner of "She Luvs Fall"

Wendy at our neighborhood cleanup. She is the new owner of my creation "She Luvs Fall." Wendy is a jewelry maker and plans on hanging the rug in her new studio. Part of the deal is a great vintage lamp that I have put in my spare bedroom/rug hooking studio.

Trash to Treasure

Last weekend, while working at our neighborhood cleanup, I saw a man drive in with this chair in the back of his pickup heading for the scrap metal pile. I took off running after him and was able to rescue the chair before he hurled it out of the truck. It will look nice when the hollyhocks and day lilies that frame it are blooming.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

She Luvs Fall

Finished and ready to be bound off. Found a great Plymouth Tweed lambswool to bind with.

Nighttime Garden Fox

Nighttime Garden Fox is my newest "designed" piece. I'm really inspired by the fox family that took up residence in our yard. Looking forward to color planning this one, but am making myself wait until I finish "Raven Highlight" (further on down the blog) and bind off "She Luvs Fall." I may make a companion piece called, of course, Daytime Garden Fox!

Garden Beauty

Spring and summer are definitely a special time around our place. I really look forward to school being out (next week, YIPPEE). I love my job, but summer is an especially rejuvenating time for me. I like to work on various projects around the house. This summer includes painting the porch and turning spare bedroom into a rug hooking studio of sorts. I don't think there will be any "excotic" vacations this summer, but would like to take a couple of day trips around the area. Really just looking forward to desigining and hooking rugs. Karen Kahle workshop is coming up the first week in June and that should be just the inspiration to get me started!

Monday, May 7, 2007


Hooking With Friends

Katie, Kelly, and Tammy hooking last Thursday at Simply Fibre. I just dropped in for some wool and ended up with a gorgeous flower pattern.

First Piece

This is the first piece I've ever done. I did it about 3 years ago, but had not gained the enthusiasm for rug hooking that I have now. But that piece, and every other one I've done since, seems to find it's place somewhere in my home (or someone elses)>

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Anxious To Finish This Piece

This is the first piece I designed and am anxious to finish it. I'm hoping to do my next one of some sort of whimsical fox. Ideas floating around in my head. Just need to bring it together on paper.

Fox Family In Our Yard

We have a brush pile about 20 yds. from the house that has 2 or 3 deep holes going underground. This has served as a den for many different animals, but now is home to 3 adult foxes and 5 babies. We have had such fun watching the parents take care of their little ones. The adults come in shifts and pull the babes from a hole in the ground. Then the babies jump around and wrestle while the adults keep a careful eye on our house. They seem to be somewhat comfortable with us. My husband was outside taking some pictures of other things in the yard, and the fox and pups continued to stay out and enjoy the sunny day!