Sunday, March 29, 2009

Inspiration Board!

I acquired this frame with a mirror in it. Took out the mirror, got a piece of heavy foam board, bought this lovely material at the local discount fabric shop.....and there you have it! sweet talented handsome husband did all the assembling. Actually been wanting to do this little project for quite some time. The problem's just to pretty to tack anything up on! Oh well...I'll just gaze at it for a few days and then load it up with all kinds of "inspiration".

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yesterday was Tammy's (lovely lady on the left) birthday. Sheri (gorgeous gal on the right) invited us over for a glorious day of paper crafting. Of course great food, desserts, conversation, and mimosas helped us keep up our strength to make it through the "grueling" day of creativity. The following is a peek into Sheri's jammed packed studio of artful goodies, and the take home treasures we made.

Sheri's "Bursting At The Seams" Studio

Sheri's studio is heaven! She has everything imaginable to do anything imaginable. If it can be made Sheri's made it! These pics. are only a tiny portion of what she's got, and man is she generous. All Tammy and I had to do was ask suddenly appeared in front of us. We were knee deep in paper, glue, paint, scissors, buttons, beads, and every other doodad a person could want. Well, we were also knee deep in a pitcher of mimosa's (did I mention it was Tammy's birthday?).

Our Artistic Endeavors

Tammy's visual journal piece for Welcome Mat.

Sheri's birthday party cards for her mother.

And my finished piece at home on the mantel! Oh, and the lovely quince in the vintage soda bottle on the right came from Sheri's backyard. I came home happy, full, and artistically invigorated!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Okay, here I am arriving home from my second job (sort of). I'm in this flea market, Charely's Angels, with three friends. Very cool funky flea market with lots of wonderfully creative booths. All is going well, actually making a little $$ and having fun doing it. The only thing is, whenever I go there to check things out, add a few treasures, and rearrange, I end up buying more. I mean, I can spend less that $20 and come back loaded with crap. It's an evil plan! Rent the booth to the unsuspecting entrepreneur and sell them back more than they originally sold in the first place. What's a flea market junkie to do?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dulcy's Freedom

I'm getting ready to retire from 23 fabulous years of teaching. My friend Mandy made this wonderful collage for me titled "Dulcy's Freedom." Mandy is artistic on many levels, but when it comes to baking no one can touch her! A great day at school is cupcake day. That's when Mandy brings in gorgeous little cupcakes that look more like tiny treasures than food! I've got her rug hooking now, and she's already designing her own patterns. I'll post her current hooked piece when it's done (well, that's if she'll let me....ok Mandy?).

Graham And His Guys

My husband's grandson Graham was here this week. Our evenings were comprised of Go Fish, action figures (he calls them his "guys") and a trip to the circus. He's got absolutely, hands down, the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen! Graham has gone back home to Texas now, and we miss him (I'm not speaking for the cats).

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Made these mini notebooks for Charely's Angels.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Outside My Bedroom Window

This little mat is done except for finding. I played with several yarns, ribbons, beads, and wools. Small....about 10"x10".