Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Finally Won A Blog Giveaway!

I was thrilled when I opened my email this morning to find I had won Brenda's, kindshipincolorandwool.typepad.com/, generous blog giveaway. I ran upstairs to tell my husband with 6 year old grandson Graham running around yelling "What did we win?" It was quite the scene. Anyway....I won this lovely felted bracelet and felt flower pins. I'm already planning to possibly use the pins on a rug (credit to Brenda of course, a rug hooking collaboration!). Well, this has just made my day. Hope yours was just as lovely!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's Fair Time!

I took a few rugs to enter in the Ozark Empire Fair. Graham is helping, but feeling a little camera shy at the moment.

I Have A Helper!

Graham is simply fascinated by hooking. I'm thinking that I can hire him on as a strip cutter, then move him on up to hooking backgrounds for me. He's a fast learner!

Hydrangea Tote

The front side is just about done. I'm really working fast because I want to get to the assembling. I'm considering a pretty plaid lining of like colors with perhaps a matching plaid shoulder strap. My hope is to create a set of "flower bags". My next one (if this one is a success, and doesn't make me crazy) will be more fall themed with perhaps prodded mums. Well....don't want to get ahead of myself.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's Been a Productive Weekend!

I've finally started to hook another bag. When I was in Florida last week, I was taken to an outlet mall....well I'm not much of a shopper, but while waiting for my friends to finish their shopping, I drifted into the Fossil Store. I was captured by a bag ($50.00) and almost bought it. Then the "outlet mall fog" lifted and I realized I can make my own bag and would probably love it way more than the impulse buy at Fossil. Wow! I got out of there just in the knick of time! When I got back home I drew this pattern that has been on my mind for awhile now. I'm only sharing part of it....I'll display more as the project progresses.

I've been knitting like there's no tomorrow! I finally feel like I've cracked the "sock code". I knitted from the heel flap all the way up the foot so far this weekend. Don't you just love this self striping yarn? The colors have such a warm folk art feel to them.

Wednesday, I went treasure seeking with my friend Katie. Of course we went to our favorite place for good conversation, and wonderful treasures galore....Leola's! I found this cute little bag, but the handle was fragile and broke. Not to despair....I purchased these perfect bamboo handles at a local fabric shop and sewed them in. I just love this bag and even after buying new handles, it was quite a find!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ringling Miniature Circus

I returned this week from Sarasota, Florida where I was invited on a lovely vacation getaway with my dear friend Marti and two friends of hers. I had a fabulous time at the beach (actually I'm more of a mountain, wild west, big sky kinda gal) but the beaches there are gorgeous, plus I came back with a tan. After a couple of days cooking on the sand, I decided I needed to pursue an indoor activity. That led me to the Ringling Museum of Art. Oh My! What a wonderful discovery. I can't really describe all that was there in this one post, but enough to keep me prowling the grounds the entire day until closing. The following photos are a teeny tiny portion of a huge exhibit (even has it's own large building) that housed a miniature circus built to scale that covers 3,800 square feet! I'll be posting more from my little trip, but thought I'd share a few peeks into the tiny "Greatest Show on Earth!"

Friday, July 3, 2009

Worms and Such

Time to begin a new project, but the cupboard is somewhat low on wool. Of course, I have scads and scads of worms (wool strips for all you non-hookers). I don't know about you, but I find it much easier to color-plan a piece when I can see the uncut wool. I do try and dive into my worms as best I can to avoid waste, and the expense of buying more wool....but I just LOVE taking peeks into a well stocked wool cabinet. The rainbow of brightly dyed wool is usually just what my mind's eye needs to inspire me to get started sketching something new! The age old questions for hookers, is "what to do with all the worm?" I've knitted them, and used them in many hooked pieces and other projects, but they continue to multiple faster than I can find homes for them. Any new ideas to creatively use up a bunch of worms quickly? They do take up a lot of space.