Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ringling Miniature Circus

I returned this week from Sarasota, Florida where I was invited on a lovely vacation getaway with my dear friend Marti and two friends of hers. I had a fabulous time at the beach (actually I'm more of a mountain, wild west, big sky kinda gal) but the beaches there are gorgeous, plus I came back with a tan. After a couple of days cooking on the sand, I decided I needed to pursue an indoor activity. That led me to the Ringling Museum of Art. Oh My! What a wonderful discovery. I can't really describe all that was there in this one post, but enough to keep me prowling the grounds the entire day until closing. The following photos are a teeny tiny portion of a huge exhibit (even has it's own large building) that housed a miniature circus built to scale that covers 3,800 square feet! I'll be posting more from my little trip, but thought I'd share a few peeks into the tiny "Greatest Show on Earth!"


summersundays-jw said...

You look maaaahvelous all tanned & toned and like you just got back from your summer vacation. Will there be any bikini/beach pictures? Glad you had a great time and looking forward to the pictures. It was so good to see you and Katie -- you brightened my day. See you soon! Jan

Relyn Lawson said...

So, this answered my Florida question. I just had to keep reading. I've gotten no tan from my vacation, but my! It has been wonderful. Spent the day on the Oregon coast yesterday. Freezing - not cooking. Tangles and sand in my hair, but no tans. Still, it was wonderful.