Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just Stuff

My sweet husband took various shots around the house of my "stuff."  This is just a sample..  Oh dear.......

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Teal Rose Bag

Hooked and ready to assemble.  This little bag has given me the opportunity to use some pretty fall colors.  I used this same lining in the hydrangea tote, and just had to find another use for this pretty piece of wool.  I may use this same plaid for a small strap.  I believe that I'll use teal wool to attach sides together and trim out the edge.  Cute button or two and done!  

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pink Rose Garden Clutch

I've finished another rosey bag, this one a clutch.  I love the red button!  It's from my mother's can of old buttons, and is probably from a 1960's sewing project.  I think I have a couple more clutches in me before I need to move on.  I'm starting to obsess over a new rug idea.  More about that later........


The other evening Iris was looking out the front door and growling.  The only time I've heard her growl, is if there are people she doesn't know out on our drive or in the yard.  So.....I took a peek to see what was up......

Well.....what do you know?  Iris was all upset because of the tiny herd of three deer eating acorns by our drive.  They have been hanging around for about a week or so.


We put this bat house up about three years ago hoping to draw the little critters to watch over our pond.  Bats are basically mosquito eating machines......plus I thought they would be a nice addition to our little nature habitat.   

I was always trying to see up inside the bat house checking for any evidence of residency, but the opening is too small and it's about 12 feet up from the ground.  I had also read that it's very difficult to attract bats to a bat house, so I had more or less given up on the idea of a little bat family taking up residence in this nice little abode.

Yesterday, I was out walking around enjoying some of the new fall color and the lovely day. I decided to take another look at the bat house and see if there was any action.  And.....YIPPEE! Bat guano......all over the ground beneath the bat house.  I know it's the real thing because I Googled a picture of bat guano just to be sure.  Later in the evening I attended a meeting of our local chapter of the Audubon Society and was told it makes great fertilizer!  Oh...need to add "sorry" if you find this picture somewhat disgusting.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pink Rose Garden Clutch

Yes.......more roses, but I'm just on a roll with this pattern.  This one will be a clutch 8" deep, and 10" wide.  I'm excited to finish hooking because my favorite part is choosing a lining (preferably something in a pink and green plaid), and finding some sort of interesting vintage button for the clasp.  I think I have about 2 more rose color combinations in me before I simply must move on to a different design.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What's Happening On Today's Doorstep?

First I'm sending linen on to Lily.  She is going to start creating her own patterns!  She lives in Chicago, but as of yet, is hard pressed to find a good source of hooking supplies.  Luckily, I have access to Simply Fiber and all of Tammy's gorgeous wool, books, and patterns!

I will also get some hooking done and, well....yes it's the beginnings of yet, another bag.  This one will be a clutch with pink roses on a mossy green background.  Why so many bags, and so frequent you ask.  You see I'm recently retired from 23 years of teaching......LOVING RETIREMENT.....and LOVE BAGS!  Also, if I get enough done I may put them in an Etsy store.  The problem is, that by the time I finish one, I become very attached to it.  I guess I could carry it for awhile and pass it on to a new home.

I will also continue to work at knitting socks.  Lots and lots of socks!  Socks, for me, are the most frustrating of knitting projects.  I'm on my second pair....but these #1 needles make teeny tiny stitches.....and when one is dropped.....need I say more?  The up side of knitting socks is that I just LOVE socks and I love to knit.  I hope it becomes easier.  Socks may be in someone's Christmas stocking.

Oh....I also need to go to the grocery store.  Definitely last on my list.