Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I will also continue to work at knitting socks.  Lots and lots of socks!  Socks, for me, are the most frustrating of knitting projects.  I'm on my second pair....but these #1 needles make teeny tiny stitches.....and when one is dropped.....need I say more?  The up side of knitting socks is that I just LOVE socks and I love to knit.  I hope it becomes easier.  Socks may be in someone's Christmas stocking.

Oh....I also need to go to the grocery store.  Definitely last on my list.


LadyV said...

Hi, Love your blog...I also knit socks (and hook :-)...I have found that spreading my stitches over 4 needles, rather than three, and knitting with the fifth needle helps a lot because there are less stitches on the needles so less chance of stitches falling off. Plus it seems more orderly to me to knit around the square rather than the triangle -- Also use different lengths of needles, the longest for the heel flap and gusset stitches, the shortest length when you are decreasing for the toe, keeps you from poking your hands.

Just my two cents--happy sock knitting!


dulcy said...

Thanks for the tips! I tried to find you to thank you in a post, but alas....could not. Very helpful ideas that I'm using!


Relyn Lawson said...

Just so you know, Sloane just asked me for a pair of slipper socks for house shoes. Ha.