Monday, December 7, 2009

Sharing On Monday Morning

It's very grey and foggy out this Monday morning.  Cold too!  I love turning on the lights of our tiny Christmas tree and sipping coffee by the fire.  
I really try to stay someplace within the topic of fiber creations on my blog.  Here's a shot of a little Santa mom made about 25 years ago.  She made tiny dolls and sold them in shops located in several places around the U.S.  Someday I'll do a posting showing you all the many intricately sewn, dyed, stuffed, and glued characters she made.  Any creativity I may have now, has all been showered on to me by my lovely mother.  There's nothing she can't do! 
I'm knitting a wrap for my mom for Christmas.  I'm using the subtle rib stitch and just love the way it's turning out.  Apparently Iris finds it to be a comfortable place to snuggle up next to.
Yes,'s another bag.  But it does have a home, and I really need to get it made.  I imagine you are tired of seeing hooked roses every time you check in at the "doorstep".  Although,  I do so love the image of a rug on the frame in front of a warm (although gas lit) fireplace and thought you might enjoy it too.  It makes me feel warm, cozy, and puts me in the mood to hook. But I do really need to break out of this "rose thing"....
So.......working on ideas for a new little mat.  I'm playing with the idea of "Outside My Kitchen Window".  After all these bags, I'm psyched to start something new!


donna baker said...

Dulcy, so glad to come visit you at your blog. One learns quite a lot about people and it seems we have much in common. Isn't that crazy? I love finding others who like the same things I do. I just bought a book about making bags as I have lots of old fabric, drapes, wool blankets etc. But, saying that you have to know I can barely sew, though the patterns look easy. Come by my blog more often as I will probably be posting my feeble attemp at a bag. Ta ta.

summersundays-jw said...

I have some of those little Santas on my tree. What a treasure! Wonder how many of those we sold. Love the shaw you're making. You definitely inherited her talent for useing your hands. Stay warm. Jan

Relyn Lawson said...

The wrap for your Mom is stunning. And, no way am I getting tired of those roses, though I can see how you might be ready to move on. I love the designs from your magic cottage life. I can't wait to see Outside My Kitchen Window.