Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ring Around Our Rosie

Our little Rosie left us May 12th, and now resides in her own little spot back by the pond.  She had been ill, and had many issues that caused her discomfort.  I hooked this pillow to keep on the bench where she spent about 98% of her time.  Losing our pets, as you all know, is just so horribly sad.  She led a very lovely little quiet kitty life.  I don't know how old she was (probably about 14 yrs.) because we found her high up nesting in our grape arbor at our previous home many years ago.  She was quite a pretty little girl, dainty, and always had the very best of manners.  We miss her a lot right now, but are comforted knowing she is with us in our thoughts and memories...  Also in the backyard..... Thanks to my friends that helped me with some tough decisions, especially my dear friend Katie who gave me some wonderful words on grace and happiness.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If You Must Know.......

After reading the comments on my previous post today, I decided it was easier to tell everyone about the fence at once, instead of repeating the story at each of your blogs.  At our previous home, my husband (please check out link on the right, a recent video story on him) decided to paint the inside of our privacy fence with abstract designs.  Well..... when we put the house up for sale, our buyer did not want the fence (can't imagine why!).  So..... we brought it with us!  We don't really feel the need for a privacy fence where we live now, so hubby has set up bits and pieces around the property.  Most of it is out back by our pond.  We are so happy that the new home owner didn't want our piece of art.... well, now that the moving part is way in the past.  We just love our fence, and thanks for the the inquiries about it!

It's All About Flowers!

My Garden Hydrangea pillow is hooked, and now on to the assembly.  I think I'm going to stuff it, and hand-sew on a soft wool backing.  I had lots of fun prodding the edges!

I took the following photos around some of our back gardens this morning.  The iris is gorgeous right now, and the peonies are just opening.  One of my favorite "happies" is to make a peony bouquet and put them in an old glass Ball jar.

Hope you enjoyed a nice little garden stroll!