Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dogwoods AT The Doorstep

Finally done with this one!  I have enjoyed hooking my doorstep more than anything I've done in a long time.  I guess because I was doing something way different from my recent pieces (which basically means not a hand bag).  My original plan had been not to have a border.... but after a conversation (well actually two long convos that covered everything from art to politics ) with Tammy, she suggested doubled folded quilt tape.  I bought a nice chocolate brown and some very tiny cording.  The doubled folded tape is good and wide, so it covers my cut linen on the back.  I probably should have take a picture of the back so you can see what I'm talking about.  Anyway, Tammy's suggestions worked like a charm, and was easy peasy to do.  That's about it at the doorstep today.... but I must comment on the gorgeous weather we are finally having!  We slept with the windows nice and wide open last night, and I mean it was like being drugged!  I just love sleeping with fresh air blowing in.  Air conditioning makes me feel stuffy and close.  I tend to toss about.  Last night was heaven.....  xo

Monday, August 16, 2010

And I Hook

I hook and I hook.... this is mostly all 4 cut, and I'm loving it.  The detail can be tedious, but I get into  it.  The smallest loop seems important.  Maybe because it's my house and the design is based on my husbands photography.  Maybe it's because I began this rug in Maine taking a class with my step daughter, Lily.  Maybe it's because I feel like I'm painting.  It doesn't matter to me.  I simply love rug hooking, and the repetitive process that ends up with such texture and design.  If you hook, you know what I mean.

Today I was running errands and listening to my IPod.  I have Deanne Fitzpatrick's new cd loaded, and I'm listening to her essays on art and life in general.  She was telling about how sometimes she might go someplace, get to talking, and maybe say more than she had intended.  Then worry about it later.  I know exactly what she means, as I imagine most of us probably do.  Deanne then went on to say that it happens and we're just saying what we most likely needed to.  Maybe it's best not to worry about it and just let it go.  I had the most wonderful mind cleanse as I listened to this essay.  I had written a letter a year ago to a couple of friends.  It was very nice.... nothing weird or mean.  I just needed to get some stuff off my chest.  The letter was four pages!  I talked about a lot.  I probably said more than was necessary.  I was on a roll.  This letter has bugged me.... but as I listened to my IPod, I just let it go!  I felt like a dust ball in the corner of my brain had finally been swept free.  I expressed myself in that letter honestly and real.  I wrote much about my life and passions.... I said things that are important to me.  I'm glad I wrote it.  Thanks for your words Deanne.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Too Hot To Play Outside!

Except for an early morning walk, and watering my quickly fading flowers, I spent the day inside.  It's blazing out there...., but my husband did spend the better part of his day mowing.  It's a big job, but when he's done it looks just like a park!  This is a view from the upstairs bedroom looking out towards our studio out back.  Leaf reflection is kind of cool I think... Our upstairs bedroom is practically a green house!  A few of the plants have gotten so big, I imagine that if we ever sell this place the plants will either have to be cut down, or remain with new owners (heaven forbid that ever happens!).
Another view from the same window of our pond and wacky fence.
I'm knitting....yet another pair....of socks.  Absolutely loving this new sock wool!  The colors are scrumptious.... My sock knitting has vastly improved since my last pair.  This is the fifth pair I've done, but it's taken me all five to really get it right.  I've also got another set of #1 needles that are quite a bit longer than my previous set... fewer dropped stitches.
Here's sweet Willow reclining and catching her late afternoon cat nap.  This nap closely follows her midday nap, which comes just on the tail end of her late morning kitty snooze.  These naps usually take place upstairs shortly following her early morning doze on the screened porch.  I've also included another peek at my doorstep rug, which is still under construction.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fiber On My Mind!

I wanted to make a blog post, but not much going on except just trying to stay cool.  The Ozarks is literally dripping with humidity, which can be suffocating, but quite good for the skin (let's look on the bright side, class half full, etc.).  While out running errands, the car temp. gauge read 101!

Even though it's blazing outside, I've got fiber on my mind, and looking forward to new projects on the horizon.  I'm not doing anything new or particularly exciting at the moment, but have made a lot of headway on my hooked doorstep piece a post or two down.  I'll share more of that next week.  In lieu of newly hooked excitement... I decided to share a few other little fiber moments that all you crafty and creative friends might find interesting.
As most of you may know by now, we spent a lovely two weeks during June in Maine and Nova Scotia.  While having tea and muffins in Gilbert's Lighthouse, I was so captivated by the hooked mats hanging about.  I was especially drawn to this little mat (about 10"x10") because it so nicely expresses the quaint and brightly painted fishing cottages that are nestled along the coastline of Nova Scotia.  I love the straight line hooking, which is very different than I see around here.  I grabbed this sweet mat up, and it's my favorite NS souvenir.... except for a heart shaped rock my husband brought back to our room after an early morning walk (I was still sleeping......).

These are a couple of little cotton scarves I crocheted last spring.  They are for two of my favorite gal pals, Cyndi and Claire, for their birthdays (in April and May.... oh dear).  I also felted the little flowers and pinned them on.  Obviously, we are way past our birthday celebrations, but just haven't found the time to get together for our gift exchange.  Isn't that terrible!  We need some priorities in life!
This is some new sock yarn that I'm really excited about!  It's sort of an egg plant color..... I'm finishing up another pair, then on to these.  My next project will be a surprise!  Delving into new fiber territories.....
Totally non-fiber related, but here's our Little Iris.  I happened upon her sitting on this little chair the other day, and she was more than happy to have her picture snapped.  A calm and cooperative cat she is not!  I imagine she had probably been doing something naughty just prior to this moment.