Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Too Hot To Play Outside!

Except for an early morning walk, and watering my quickly fading flowers, I spent the day inside.  It's blazing out there...., but my husband did spend the better part of his day mowing.  It's a big job, but when he's done it looks just like a park!  This is a view from the upstairs bedroom looking out towards our studio out back.  Leaf reflection is kind of cool I think... Our upstairs bedroom is practically a green house!  A few of the plants have gotten so big, I imagine that if we ever sell this place the plants will either have to be cut down, or remain with new owners (heaven forbid that ever happens!).
Another view from the same window of our pond and wacky fence.
I'm knitting....yet another pair....of socks.  Absolutely loving this new sock wool!  The colors are scrumptious.... My sock knitting has vastly improved since my last pair.  This is the fifth pair I've done, but it's taken me all five to really get it right.  I've also got another set of #1 needles that are quite a bit longer than my previous set... fewer dropped stitches.
Here's sweet Willow reclining and catching her late afternoon cat nap.  This nap closely follows her midday nap, which comes just on the tail end of her late morning kitty snooze.  These naps usually take place upstairs shortly following her early morning doze on the screened porch.  I've also included another peek at my doorstep rug, which is still under construction.


Michele said...

How intrepid of you, knitting socks when it is so hot out! Here in western Canada we have barely had any summer heat - it feels like we are into fall after skipping summer. Your yard looks lovely, as do your socks and your hooking (and your cat :)

Kim said...

The yard looks lovely and I think your fence is "absolutely fabulous"! Millie is on the same napping schedule as Willow, especially In this heat. Stay cool.

summersundays-jw said...

Willow has quite the life. Your yard looks so cool & green. Mine is beginning to look a little brown. Love the socks! Jan

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

Hi Dulcy. I don't have your email so I'm responding to your comment here - do you want my glove/mitten pattern?

Miccosukee said...

Your backyard looks just as wonderful as I remember. I have several plants in large containers so I take them with me until I settle again.
Willow's schedule is not that far off from my little dogs' days. With the horribly hot and humid weather, they spend much of their time stretched out on the cool wood floors.
How are you enjoying the #4 cut on the rug? It's beautiful but not something my hands would allow.
Peace and happiness,

ShabbySheep said...

It was nice to see you again today! I spent the afternoon looking at the books you brought me. Drooling over the handwork!
Hope we can get together soon to have a reminder course on my knitting!
xo, Sheri

Jennifer Richardson said...

The heat is bruising here, too.
Has me hopeful of cooler days and nights when I have to pull on a sweater!
Willow looks cool and pampered
....sweet to see:)
I love the view from your window!

Queenplinker said...

Your yard looks absolutely refreshing, a great feat in August!

I love cats with pure white bellies. It makes me want to rub their bellies sooo bad! I know they hate that kind of attention, but thats never stopped me :0)

Have a great day,