Monday, September 27, 2010

It's ALWAYS About The Color!

New bag is coming along nicely.... I'm done hooking....  now for pockets, lining, strap, and buttons.  I found the most perfect button in mom's old button tin.  I think it was part of a set she used when she made a coat a long time ago (30-40 years.....?).  Again,  love working with these neutrals and black.  Great look for winter!

Fall seems to be the time for all the warm colors like orange, yellow, brown, etc.  I'm kind of tired of all the traditional fall decorations.  I guess it's just gotten so over the top in the last several years.  I'm liking very simple decorations and lots of jewel toned colors.  Purples, pinks, scarlets, bright royal blues, and intense golds.

I pulled the last of my spindly petunias Saturday, and planted these gorgeous dark purple pansies for winter.  As I was planting, out popped a good sized toad.  Poor thing.... I think it was dug in for the winter.  It hopped out and patiently waited on the step while I finished planting.  I gently picked it up and put it back amongst the pansies, and hopefully, it dug it's way back down in the nice warm soil.

Don't you just love these pink mums?!  Once again, I forsook the golds and reds for these pretty posies.

My periwinkle blue asters are just brilliant!  These sorts of colors seem kinda old fashioned to me, and that's what I find so appealing.  I'm sure that I'll eventually come back to the more traditional fall color scheme.  Maybe I'm just having a hard time letting go of summer.  I still have lovely blooming pink petunias, and gorgeous blooming fuchsia geraniums.  Also, my blue daze is spectacular right now.  I imagine the cool night temperatures are doing the magic.  The temps. also enticed me to get some home-made tomato soup going in the crock pot for this evening's meal.  Well..... it's that time of day.... yoga time!  Gotta go and stretch..... Here's to a lovely week ahead....xo

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hooking, Knitting, Fiber.... Isn't Life Grand!


Isn't this gorgeous!!  Done by my lovey Lily.  It's from a photo of a church in Costa Rica she took and turned into a rug this summer at our Jane Halliwell Green workshop in Maine.  The sky is absolutely brilliant, and the blue church with all the shadows makes for such a rich combination of colors.  Don't even know where to begin with the flowers other than FABULOUS!  Well Done Lily!
I'm currently working in neutrals.  This is part of a motif that will become a handbag eventually.  Doing this one for a friend, and really love working in these creams and mushroom colors.  The black will be background and the plaid will be the lining. 

Purple stripe socks are almost done.... weekend spent hooking, knitting, perusing the new edition of "selvedge"....  heaven!

xo dulcy

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday Night At The Creamery

Above you will find myself, Sheri, and Tammy at our rug show held Friday night at the Creamery Arts Center in Springfield.  The Creamery is a wonderful old building that functioned as a place to pasteurize milk many years ago.  It was purchased, restored, and now is an arts center with a lovely gallery, rooms for classes, library, and dance studio.  There are several more rugs in the show, but we took this view because the rugs that each of us hooked are in the same order as we are in the picture (does that make any sense at all?).  We were so honored to be invited to show our work, which will be hanging during the month of September.
 I'm sorry to repeat the same scene, but really wanted to include lovely friends who came out for the show.  Kathleen, her aunt and my dear friend Ann (a wonderful artist and art teacher), and Sally (another patron of the arts, and creator of the most delightful lamps made from charming found treasures.... without pictures, I can't describe her work and do it justice).

On the way home from our show, I talked with my husband about showing ones art.  I wondered, since we weren't there to actually sell anything, why we bother.  Does it seem show-offy, are we boring our friends.... do they feel obligated to come out and see our stuff?  As usual, my Jim has the best answers to my questions that mostly come from some inferior place inside of me.  Having been an artist his whole life, and having perhaps exhibited his work in hundreds of shows, he said, "No.... you're simply sharing your passion with the people you care about."  And that's exactly that!  I love to show people rug hooking, and share with them the fun and excitement I get from creating a rug or bag.  The rush from coming up with just the "right" combination of colors and the fabulous feel of the linen on wool.  Any of you that hook rugs, or work with fiber know exactly what I mean.

So, dear friends.... thanks for letting me indulge in a little show and tell, and know that I so enjoy looking and commenting on your work as well.... blogging has been a HUGE source of inspiration for me over the years, and a wonderful venue to share this crazy and wonderful rug hooking passion of mine.