Monday, November 29, 2010

Hooking Clutches and Pottery Lust

Hope your Thanksgiving holiday was fabulous!  We did have a wonderful time, and am missing family members who had to hit the highways yesterday to return home.  I didn't create much (except meals) over the past few days, so thought I'd share with you my newest Christmas clutch I finished a week or so ago.
Also, you might notice that the clutch is sitting on the doll-sized granny square quilt that I finally crocheted together.

Now, I really must take a moment to show you my current pottery obsession, work by Julie Whitemore.
I purchased this darling fox cup and tiny cottage bowl from her a few weeks ago.  I just adore her work!  I need more pottery like a hole in the head, but artist made pottery is one of my most favorite things, and Julie's is absolutely charming!  It's almost impossible to nab a piece on her Etsy store without a prior order.  I ordered the foxy cup, and was lucky enough to catch the little bowl before some other lucky fan popped in ahead of me.  Here's another closeup of the tiny bowl....
 Isn't it just the sweetest little thing?  Check out her blog, and you'll be transported into a Beatrix Potter wonderland of pottery.

I'm currently working on a pastel of the most beautiful owl.  I haven't touched it for over a week... so I really must get back at it, and today is mostly reserved for drawing and errands, plus work at the library children's store this afternoon into evening.  Thought a bit (but only a bit) about getting out some Christmas... but enjoying my home picked up and uncluttered from Thanksgiving.  Also, haven't been out blog visiting in awhile, but will drop by soon.  Hope your week is wonderfully productive and stress free....


Dag said...

dang, whenever i see your beautiful colorful work, i wanna start hooking right away!! your little clutch is the cutest ever!!
--- i do not own a cutter yet, but maybe i should ask the husband for the "new" townsend after all..!!
have a happy holiday season!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

As always, I love your work!! I, too, love pottery ~ this Friday, I'm going to an open house of my favorite functional pottery guy!

Kim said...

Your clutch is so cute. I love the colors you choose - always so bright and happy.
I'll check out that etsy shop too.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love your Christmas clutches
and finally got a copy of
Haute Handbags and was WOWED
by your work and story, Dulcy.
Inspired indeed!
You have such an eye for
beauty....and a heart for life!
Really enjoy your posts:)

Julia said...

Dulcy, that the cutest little clutch I've seen so far. I love the colors. I love your new pottery. One can never have enough cute clutter. JB

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

The clutch is beautiful Dulcy!
I am hoping to try my hand at hooking after the holidays and in the meantime I am having fun with punch needle.
The last year I have focused so much on painting to the exclusion of everything else and I missed doing hand work so this has been very relaxing and inspirational for me!
Have a great week Dulcy and I can hardly wait to see what else you are working on!
Tina xo

Cathy G. said...

Love love your newest clutch! Your colors are always wow and then some! Adorable pottery! You put me to shame for not being creative these last few weeks. Please keep on inspiring us with all of your fabulous creations!
Cathy G

A Wild Thing said...

I haven't been blog visiting much these days either...I thought once I got rid of cable TV, I would spend more time on it...NOT...Netflix to the rescue...ha! But I can watch it as I work here at my PC while I finally start making jewelry again, a lot of requests for eyeball earrings...who knew!!!

Thought of you this morning when I was somewhere on a blog, I saw your name pop up and knew it was time for a visit! Your lil' purses are delightful and I too love individual artisan' pottery, can you ever have too much, but like you, it must have a function, or I think twice(most of the time)before I buy...sigh...!

Cold and blustery here in Ioway, guess Winter is kinda here...sigh again! Have a wonderful evening!


Nancy said...

Dulcy, your latest clutch is geogeous .... the colors are just wonderful.....Your work is amazing.....

By the way, I am a pottery lover as well. Love your latest additions.......It's so much fun to find unusual pieces....

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I'm so happy you like the cups.
It sure was sweet of you to post pictures on your blog,
you know what? I love pine cone elves! And there is one right next to the cup.

Kathryn Glover said...

Dulcy, I, too, have just discovered Julie's pottery and was able to purchase a cup and spoon. They are so beautiful and special. About your hook rug techniques. ...Do you dye your own wool and what do you use to cut the strips? And what is a good length for the strips to be when working?I did a hooking class once and not sure I still have the burlap with pattern. But I would love to begin a rug for my new grandson, Max. Just a throw rug...small. I see that you have a "plan" when you begin the hooking and even the solid colored areas have a wonderful pattern within them. That's what I want to do! Do you do custom designs through your etsy shop?