Saturday, February 26, 2011

Foxy Lady

Here's a peek at my new pastel that's still in progress.  I'm painting this from a photograph my husband, Jim Mayfield, took of a female that was raising a litter of five pups on our property last spring.  I'm completely enamored and just a touch obsessed with these beautiful and resilient creatures.....
Artist at work......

A sweet figurine given to me by my friend Claire.
A cup made by one of my very favorite potters, Julie Whitemore who makes the most lovely functional pottery with gobs of charm and sweet woodland creatures.
A hooked rug I did a few years back showing my feelings of connection to these orange beauties.
A print I purchased from another favorite painter and rug hooker, Ann Willey.  You should really drop by her website and check out her Etsy store.  The most marvelous art!
Another hooked rug I did several years ago.  I call this one "Nighttime Garden Fox" because we would hear their wild crazy screams all the time at night.  It sounds kind of creepy, but I love the sound, and knowing they're close by the house as we sleep.
Most recent issue..... very interesting article about some research and breeding of foxes in Siberia.  They have been bred for domesticity.  Good idea?..... not so sure about that, wonderful photos.

So.... just sharing a passion of mine.  I love all things wild, and feel privileged that these gorgeous creatures have let us share their space for a short time.


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I'm with you on the fox adoration society. I went to Annes' site,
swoon. How about that Portrait of a boy rug? really unusual and the gradation of colors is amazing.
I'm so happy you like the fox cup!

Julia said...

Dulcy's, your fox pastel is absolutely beautiful. I can't say that I share your enthusiasm about foxes although I love their beauty, in the wild and on paper and in ceramics but they' re getting bolder around here and have killed everyone of my neighbor's chicken and my son's fiancé lost 2 of her beloved cats last fall and only found the head and fur of one behind her house.

I like them in their own environment but they are coming too close to civilization for this cat lover. I chased one out of my driveway and he took his good old time to go away. I would be afraid to leave a young child alone in the back yard for even a few minutes. They come up from the bank of the St John River. My husband sees them in the fields all the time and he thinks that they are cute too.


Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

love it all! your painting, your rugs, julie's pottery...all of it!

Nancy said...

I love your painting.......such beautiful colors....
and like all your fox items.....I used to board my horse at a farm called Cozy Fox Farms..and she had collected so many fox items it was incredible........

Have a wonderful weekend....

Ragamuffin Gal said...

When I think of foxes ~ I always think of you. Your fox creations are so well designed and inspirational.

Dreaming Woods said...

I adore foxes! i miss the fox which used to wander near my home. once the fox was in a field where rabbits where eating. few magpie's saw this and came to banish the fox away.

your painting is beautiful and rest of your fox pieces!!


Amy McPheeters said...

What a fun and foxy post! Love the fox pastel you are working on. You are not just a foxy lady but a talented lady as well!

Tammy Burks said...

I'm SOOOO enjoying seeing your pastel work. I swear, we HAVE to get together soon!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Oh thank you for this tour
of each one!

susan jenkins said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO I love your rug "night time garden fox"!! Beautiful!
Your pastel of the fox is wonderful!

xx Susan

Tracy said...

What a beautiful tribute to a magnificent animal! I like all of your items...the painting you are working on is quite lovely. I am very impressed~

Kathryn Glover said...

I love your theme post on fox. I have not seen fox that often. In New Hampshire a few years ago saw one trying persistently to get to my friends chicken coop. During early Christmas, when my daughter was visiting, we saw a BIG fox walk up to my house. He looked extremely healthy, too. The color of fox reminds me of the beautiful Fall colors that have expired. I'm really ready for Winter to expire at this moment. I love my new blog friends! Also, your work space is so inspiring. You are quite organized by color and with the tilt of your easel, very prepared for the dust. I love your fox pastel. I medium very suited for you.

Cathy G. said...

I am so behind on my blog commenting! I just have to say how very very lovely your pastel art is! The fox is captured to a T! They are most fascinating creatures.
Your hooked rug of the fox is always going to be one of my all time favorites of any hooked rug I've ever laid eyes on!!
Cathy G

dulcy said...

You guys are all so sweet! Thanks for regularly checking in with me, and all the great support behind my creative efforts and projects. I know most of you won't get back to read this.... so on another post I'll be sure to include my appreciation of all my friends out here in blogland!

Mary Stanley said...

Love all your foxes! Pastel, hooked and that Julie Whitmore cup!!! So fun to see all the wonderful things you are working on!

ShabbySheep said...

Dulcy, Your artwork is just wonderful! I have yet to see your new studio. I read that Tammy wants to get together with you too. Sounds like it needs to be at your place this time so we can see your great new space!!! How's that for a not so subtle invite yourself?
xo, Sheri
Call me!!!