Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Of This, And A Little Of That

Found these wonderful dishes at Pier 1 today.  I picked up two... only $5  apiece!  I placed this one on part of a table runner I made earlier this week.  The color red is currently haunting me.  Red, red, glorious red!!
Still knitting socks and this self striping sock yarn is my absolute favorite.  I'm rushing this pair because I ordered two wonderful patterns that I'll share with you once I get started with the first one.  Might be quite challenging.....
I received a subscription to "selvedge" for Christmas.  Pretty much my favorite gift.  I love this cover!

My dear Mr. Bobcat pastel is done and ready for framing.....
I really enjoyed working on this piece, and have started another.  I thought I'd move on to still lifes, flowers, or some sort of non-living subject matter,  but am really starting to enjoy painting wildlife.  The "living object" of my current pastel is more personal, and another new challenge.  I'll just have to see how well it materializes before you get a peek.

Continuing my garden rug.  Just a small snippet of what I've managed to get done this week.  It's moving quicker than I thought it would.... and you know..... I think that's because I'm not in any hurry to finish.  No pressure, experimenting, and absolutely no earthly idea where it will eventually go.
While heading in from the studio a short bit ago, found hubby wondering around the place in the snow taking pictures.
 Oh..... saw six deer in the little strip of woods by our home yesterday.  I always call it "good luck" to see deer or fox on the property. So exciting..... I can't wait to get outside and start gardening and taking nature walks.  I truly love all four seasons, but I find the arrival of spring the most exciting time!


Amy McPheeters said...

Dulcy - the bobcat is FABULOUS!!! So realistic, just amazing. Yes it is fun to dream about Spring... a little early maybe, but who's counting??? Dream on girl!

Nancy said...

Dulcy, you are one talented gal.....I love that you have so many interests.......I do as well. I guess that's why I relate to you so much....

Mr. Bobcat is beautiful......

I too am a knitter.....working on a pair of fishing socks for my fisher man and a pair for myself.....there is nothing like wearing a pair of hand knitted socks.....don't you just love all the gorgeous self stripping yarns that are available?

Love visiting with you; your blog is so newsy and so full of beautiful projects......


Julia said...

Dulcy, What a nice red plate just in time for Valentine. Could it be why you are thinking red allf a sudden?...

I've gone through the red phase and now I'm more into neutral and subdued colors as I age.

Your wildlife pastelis gorgeous. such talent.

I still haven't tried proddy hooking. Great job on your sunflower. I love the little bee.

Your hubby has a great camera, looks like my Canon Rebel T1 but might be a different model. Good shot of him.
I love seeing deers but not in my vegetable or flower beds, lol... They do so much damage.

I'm so ready for spring, it's my favorite time of year too, but I always have the flood to worry about. I sound like a sour puss, don't I.

coinguyslady said...

Is that a needle felted bee I see on that great sunflower?

Tammy Burks said...

I love what you're working on....that flower is so fun! I think you should keep doing the seems to be your THING, but it's always good to experiment.
So happy to see you earlier this week.

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Oh Dulcy the bobcat is stunning! I have never mastered pastels but looking at your beautiful work I am going to set aside time this year to give pastels a shot.
Love the red dishes, at this time of the year red definitely can lift a person's mood and heart.
Have a great weekend Dulcy!
Tina xo

Jennifer Richardson said...

Loved strolling around with you
and seeing all of the treasures
you're finding and creating.
Your socks.....amazing.
Your bobcat....stunning!!!
I love his gentle eyes...that's really hard to capture and you've done it so well...feels as if I can sense and see his spirit.
Your sunflower and Mr. dulcy in the snowy woods....still grinning:)
Love the colors of your life
and the way you see and share them.

Queenplinker said...

It amazes me how effortlessly you seem to switch from one medium to another..such talent! I have to stay focused on on thing at a time, or nothing gets done.

Wishing you sunshine today. I'm WILLING it, ok? LOL

Laura Bradley said...

The plates are perfect! Pier one you say??wow....I just may have to run out and get one myself..if you dont mind...copying it the best form of flattery my mom always said!!

Relyn Lawson said...

You know, I still have all the Selvedge issues you gave me. They are so absolutely beautiful. I love to just look at them and dream. I love that picture of Jim.

Mary Stanley said...

Love all the fun projects on your post! What a great bobcat! first I thought it was a photo!
Love the sunflower...I am going to plant some soon...and love the red bird plate..wonder if our store has those?

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Wonderful things you are making, the socks must feel so good on.
You have foxes on your property?
Lucky you!

Tracy said...

Goodness Dulcy,
You will certainly be a busy lady with all that you do...I love the bobcat cover!
It is wonderful to have so many interests, isn't it?

Kathryn Glover said...

Dulcy. In early December I was standing at the window looking outside and there was the most beautiful red fox...looking very healthy, too. SELVEDGE is my favorite magazine.I have all but 2 issues. What a treat you received for Christmas! And your new rug is looking beautiful. I love the way you treated the sunflower pedals differently. Do you start in the middle of a rug and work your way out? Pastels are obviously your new medium. Beautiful! Just saw your other blog today for the first time. I launched my store on etsy today...nothing for sell yet...just my whys(: Sooner!

ShabbySheep said...

Long time no see! As usual, everything you've done is fabulous! You're moving right along with the pastels.
And are you needlefelting now? I have just purchased ounces and ounces of roving to start wet felting. I'm going to start with a little make up bag. You are welcome to come over and play with me. We can learn together. I'm still cleaning out the studio. Trying to decide what I REALLY need and want to keep and what can be donated. I found a mom on Craig's list that wants yarn and craft supplies for her daughter and I told her I would hook her up!
Call me, or I'll call you and we'll make a mess and Try to make felt in my kitchen. (Don't forget you're retired!!!!!) LOL
xo, Sheri

Ragamuffin Gal said...

You are living such a creative life my dear ~ see you've got the rickrack sewn onto your runner ~ looks great! As does all your lovely creations and Jim too of course. Hope you are enjoying your weekend, I am (except I still look at the back door every once in awhile. ~ me

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love your pastel ~ you're very good, you know! Love the sunflower ~ that's very good, too! And don't those crocuses just scream Spring to you?! It's right round the corner!!