Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bags, Birds, and Screen Doors.....

Life and my crotchety computer have gotten in the way of blogging lately.  If you're thinking, "Gosh, I check in with Dulcy and leave comments but I don't seem to hear anything from her" it's not that I haven't tried.  Sometimes I'll write a nicely thought out little comment, then everything just comes to a complete standstill.  The ball spins and spins, and then I'm just kicked right off my server.  SOOO frustrating!  I haven't had it looked at yet because I don't want any bad news.. Like $$ bad news.  Let's just hope it's going through a little "phase".

But, I have been producing a bit of this and a bit of that.  Below are two little clutches I hooked back-to-back.

I'm keeping the pink one because the green button is from my mom's green suede coat she wore when I was a little girl.  I LOVED that coat.  She wore it when she was going somewhere special.  Back then, my parents really "dressed" when they went out for the evening.  Kelly green was a favorite color of hers, and she wore it well.

The other bag is for a family member.  I sent her a bag for her birthday, and she never received it.  I could get all sick about it being lost in the mail, but I think it will eventually turn up.

I was so excited when the mail came today because I had been waiting for a special package.  I WON 2nd place in Vicki's (2 bags full) giveaway.  My prize is this absolutely fabulous tea towel from Anthropologie.

I had to take a shot of it with my "March Hare" who is my favorite concrete bunny ever!  Oh!  First place is one of Vicki's most gorgeous hand-made nests.  Please check out her blog.... you won't believe what she makes!  Very different and wonderful.  Thanks Vicki!

I'm happy because we finally got a screen door put on the studio.  I really don't like air conditioning, even though I realize it's a necessary evil.  So, until it gets super hot and humid, I like to be able to get fresh air and listen to the sounds from the pond and the birds.

It kind of looks likes it's been there always doesn't it?

Speaking of birds, here's a quick shot I grabbed from the kitchen window of an indigo bunting.  We have about four that keep a vigil all day at the feeder.

Lastly, just a quick shout out to our strong and brave neighbors to the west in Joplin, Missouri.  They've been through something I can't possibly imagine... even after living in tornado alley here and K.C. my whole life (and spending many a night in the basement).  They have a huge weight on their shoulders right now and for a good long time to come.  The stories I'm hearing everyday and see in the paper are absolutely beyond what anyone should have to experience.  I haven't been there yet, but have talked to many who have.  "Talked" is not really accurate because anyone who's seen the devastation is usually at a loss for words.  Nothing on television or pictures in the news can begin to portray this horrendous loss of homes, businesses, and lives (still # unknown).  I usually don't get into this type of thing on my blog, but it's been front and center here for the past week.  Right now $$ donations are what's most needed.  If so inclined, see the American Red Cross.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Blooming Flowers Inside And Out

Lately I've sold a few things on ebay and Etsy.... which has allowed me to do a little spending on some "happys" for myself.    One of which, is this sweet painting by Kathryn Glover. I've admired Kathryn's work ever since I found her blog some months back.  She has opened two Etsy stores.  One with great vintage items, and the other with her paintings.  I purchased this charming floral.

I'm really drawn to the colors, subject matter, and Kathryn's painting style.  Take some time to check out her blog and see the wide variety of work she has posted.  I'm keeping this one on my mantel for now where I can see it best and most often.  Kathryn has become an inspiration to me to keep working on my drawings and pastels daily.... I can't report that I've been very good about daily work, but I work off and on throughout the week.

Our peonies are fabulously in bloom right now.  Lots of bouquets all over the house, and the smell is heavenly.  This seemed to be a nice opportunity to do a bright pastel, so I picked a few and put them in an old McCoy vase.   I decided to use colors I love and just kept laying lots of pastel down on the paper.  I took this shot before I'd finished.

And the following in my studio today.  Messy, but fun!

You may be wondering if I"m still rug hooking.... and the answer is yes, but something small and simple for now.  Below is a bit of a new little clutch I'm doing.  Lots of roses, with this luscious pink wool for background.

Our pond  seems to have exploded with growing plants and growing fish overnight!  Yesterday my husband counted 17 water lilies.  These hardy peach lilies have taken over and rooted themselves outside of their pots, and into the mud on the bottom of the pond.  Our pond is man-made, but it's not your typical crystal clear clean pool.  It's sort of taken on a life of it's own.... as has much of our outdoor space.  It's rather wild and natural at this point, but the plants and fish are doing great.  We just let nature it do it's own thing.

The yellow water iris has rooted itself outside of the pond into the ground all around it.  All the little white petals have blown off three large white oaks that you can't see in this photo.

And last, a shot of my Summer Jewels rug minus the kitty from my last post.

Hope your weekend is happy and restful.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rainy Days And Rugs

Yes, the "forever" Summer Jewels rug is finally done.  How convenient for Iris, since she needed a warm place to relax.  I'll post a catless version of this one later.

Below, I'm adding some springy shots from around our home, photographed by my husband, Jim Mayfield.

 This abhor is new.  I got it for Jim as a birthday present.  We've planted climbing roses on each side.  Hopefully, they'll get to growing and climbing soon.

Our only lonely blooming poppy.

The next photo is of my hand.  I'm wearing a charm bracelet given to me by my mom.  She started it when she was 14, and all the charms are at least 70-80 years old.  They are wonderful with all sorts of moving parts, very detailed.  A few have lost some bits or pieces over the years, mostly because I loved to play with it as a child.  I've been wearing it a lot lately.

It was very dark and rainy here last weekend.  Jim took a few "wet" shots.

And since Willow had not been included yet, here's a nice little shot of her.

And one more.  I don't usually like to put pictures of myself on here, but I'm posting this one because I think it's going to be my next rug.  I've been wanting to do a self-portrait, and I really like the way the dogwood flowers are reflected in my sunglasses.  I thought it would be great fun, and a nice challenge to hook it just as is.  Although I may crop it in a bit on the right.

Wow!  There's a lot of photos here..... thanks for taking the time to drop by and taking a peek into my little wet world.