Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bags, Birds, and Screen Doors.....

Life and my crotchety computer have gotten in the way of blogging lately.  If you're thinking, "Gosh, I check in with Dulcy and leave comments but I don't seem to hear anything from her" it's not that I haven't tried.  Sometimes I'll write a nicely thought out little comment, then everything just comes to a complete standstill.  The ball spins and spins, and then I'm just kicked right off my server.  SOOO frustrating!  I haven't had it looked at yet because I don't want any bad news.. Like $$ bad news.  Let's just hope it's going through a little "phase".

But, I have been producing a bit of this and a bit of that.  Below are two little clutches I hooked back-to-back.

I'm keeping the pink one because the green button is from my mom's green suede coat she wore when I was a little girl.  I LOVED that coat.  She wore it when she was going somewhere special.  Back then, my parents really "dressed" when they went out for the evening.  Kelly green was a favorite color of hers, and she wore it well.

The other bag is for a family member.  I sent her a bag for her birthday, and she never received it.  I could get all sick about it being lost in the mail, but I think it will eventually turn up.

I was so excited when the mail came today because I had been waiting for a special package.  I WON 2nd place in Vicki's (2 bags full) giveaway.  My prize is this absolutely fabulous tea towel from Anthropologie.

I had to take a shot of it with my "March Hare" who is my favorite concrete bunny ever!  Oh!  First place is one of Vicki's most gorgeous hand-made nests.  Please check out her blog.... you won't believe what she makes!  Very different and wonderful.  Thanks Vicki!

I'm happy because we finally got a screen door put on the studio.  I really don't like air conditioning, even though I realize it's a necessary evil.  So, until it gets super hot and humid, I like to be able to get fresh air and listen to the sounds from the pond and the birds.

It kind of looks likes it's been there always doesn't it?

Speaking of birds, here's a quick shot I grabbed from the kitchen window of an indigo bunting.  We have about four that keep a vigil all day at the feeder.

Lastly, just a quick shout out to our strong and brave neighbors to the west in Joplin, Missouri.  They've been through something I can't possibly imagine... even after living in tornado alley here and K.C. my whole life (and spending many a night in the basement).  They have a huge weight on their shoulders right now and for a good long time to come.  The stories I'm hearing everyday and see in the paper are absolutely beyond what anyone should have to experience.  I haven't been there yet, but have talked to many who have.  "Talked" is not really accurate because anyone who's seen the devastation is usually at a loss for words.  Nothing on television or pictures in the news can begin to portray this horrendous loss of homes, businesses, and lives (still # unknown).  I usually don't get into this type of thing on my blog, but it's been front and center here for the past week.  Right now $$ donations are what's most needed.  If so inclined, see the American Red Cross.



Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I love your clutches. I feel like you about air conditioning...I'd rather sweat in front of a fan. I think we all are in shock about the tornado victims...so helpless...giving donations might be the only things we can do from afar.

Nancy said...

Love the clutches; do you ever sell them?
I would love to own one.....

We have indigo buntings too...they are so beautiful ....

We need to kept the tornado victims in our prayers and I will.....
Hugs and blessings

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Darling clutches. Neat story of your mom in kelly green. And what a great tea towel!

Vicki Boster said...

Hi Dulcy - that towel looks beautiful on your blog!

My oh my - your handbags are exquisite - I cannot imagine the time that you put into those! Love the photo of that beautiful bird - and I agree about your screen door - I love listening to the sounds of nature when I am in the house~~


Cathy G. said...

Dulcy those bags are beautiful! Love the fact you have a button from your Mom's kelley green coat and have given it a special place.
We don't often get a glimpse of an indigo bunting! Fascinating bird and to think you just look out your window and watch them in the birdbath..... Wow!
I hope your computer has some time left and that we'll see another blog post soon telling us the mail people found that lost package! It's somewhere but if they opened it and saw one of your bags..... omg they would want to keep it!
Enjoy those cool evening breezes through the new screen door.... it looks awesome!
Cathy G

Julia said...

Oh Dulcey, that little indigo bunting is so pretty. We don't have that type of bird around here. Thanks for sharing it .

Your little clutches are adorable.

I hope that your computer doesn't give you too much problem. They are great when they work well but sometime they are just a pain.

I'm keeping those tornado victimes in my prayers.

Hugs, JB

Jennifer Richardson said...

Blogger has been out of sorts
with comments lately;
seems to be over the hiccups.
Love what you've been doing
and swooning over
the bitty blue gem
in your birdbath:)
May you summer well,

Pixie said...

Dulcy the clutch bags are just so beautiful, they ooze warmth and fun, and congratulations on winning the tea towel i really love Anthropologie stuff, i love all the colours.
Take care Pixie :)

Charlotte said...

Lovely bags, and you get very beautiful birds in your garden.

Will spin prayer wheels for the victims, nature seems somewhat angry right now.

Julia said...

Hi Dulcy. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

About posting comments on blogs, all I did was to type the name of the blog that I want to check in my Safari or Firefox browser and push the Enter key just like I do for looking things on the web.

Then I click on the name of the blog and it takes me to that blog and I can leave a comment. Just give it a try. Let me know how it worked. Hugs, JB

Pixie said...

Hi Dulcy me again, thank you for all the loely comments regarding my crochet, your very sweet, i do love it, oh and isn't 'owl in the dark' wonderful, i also bought the hat with the antlers knitting pattern back in December just haven't had a chance to have a go yet, though my knitting skills are a bit feeble.
So yes, i encourage you to clean off the dust of the crochet hooks and get hooking, i shall look forward to seeing what you make.
Pixie x

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh Dulcy I do hope this comment goes through to you. Like you I have been trying to connect with you but I get some kind of error when I leave comments.
Your cluthes are adorable. I love that you used a button of your mother's. No wonder we all love you so.
The more I here about the devastation in Joplin the more my heart aches for so them. How horrible that so many lives and properties were lost. Sad is not the right word. U are right money and prayers is what they need now.
I have missed you my friend
Glad you came by and liked my story. I like doing these with Donna once a month

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Love the clutch bags! They are charming! Indigo buntings are my favorite bird--I absolutely love their color and voice!
My sister and mom both live in Tuscaloosa, AL --I've also been in a tornado and they are terrifying! Thankfully my family was safe with no damage at all. Prayers going out to all who have suffered this storm season!

ShabbySheep said...

Hi Dulcy! Looks like you've been a busy girl! I'm taking a hooking class from Wanda Kerr on hooking portraits. Much harder than it looks, but I think I've got the hang of it.
We must get together soon!!!
xo, Sheri

Mary Stanley said...

Dulcy, Love your clutches...so sweet and the green button-what a great touch! Your new rug is so beautiful too. Always so inspiring to visit your delightful blog.

Relyn Lawson said...

Commenting has been a big problem for me, too. UGH! Seriously, no kidding: I just looked down and your word verification was dulsi. How fun is that?

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Loved my visit to your blog tonight ~ I can just imagine early mornings in your studio and you listening to all of your nature sounds ~ heavenly! The door looks great as does your prize and your purses! So much loveliness in one place ~ who could ask for more? Blessings, me