Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wildlife About!

Our day lilies are in abundance this year.  I don't remember ever buying a single one, I think we brought what we had from the old house eight years ago.  Since then, my hubby has moved them from place to place about the yard.  Here's some shots of the orange explosion.

We are so happy to welcome the return of the yellow crested night herons.  They fly here every spring from somewhere way, way south (perhaps even as far away as Central America).  A few always nest somewhere close by in our trees or our neighbors.  We live by a creek, and they like to munch on the crawdads they find there.  They also roam around the yard and pull up worms just like robins do.

My husband took all of the above photos from our deck a couple of weeks ago.  Whenever I see them parading around the yard, I feel like the "lady of the manor" with the fowl strutting about.

I had quite the surprise the other day when heading out to the screened porch to shake out a rug.  There was a 5' black snake stretched out inside the porch.  It apparently crawled in underneath the door.  My little cat, Willow, was on the porch hiding beneath a chair..... and that's the first time I've ever seen her look really scared!  The snake seemed disturbed by my presence, and headed back out underneath the door the way it had arrived.  Below are some photos of it's departure.

Snakes don't scare me much.  Seeing large black snakes about our property is a normal spring and summer experience.  But it's just the way they sort of show up unannounced out of nowhere that's a bit unnerving.  I couldn't get Willow back out onto the porch for a week!!

I am still hooking, knitting, and drawing..... but everything is in a state of flux.  I'm knitting some pretty fall colored socks, and my "fawncho".  Hopefully, I'll have some shots of those to share later.  I'm leaving here in just a bit for an art class, and I'm doing a pastel of a heron (how appropriate...).  Very excited about this one!

Hope you're enjoying spring and finding time to garden, create, read, and dream.......


Nancy said...

What a newsy post; I love them......your daylilies are gorgeous.....mine are having a happy time too.....

What a treat to have the heron come every spring...I think that's so neat....We don't have them on our creek in the mountains of N.C.....we have heron but I am not sure what kind they are.......

Now as for the snake.......that is so creepy...I would have been like your cat...I hate snakes...and pray I won't see them....I know black snakes are harmless but I am just scared to death of any kind of snake even a green snake.....I am glad he went back out the way he came in.........

I hope you had fun at your class........Have a great weekend.....

susan jenkins said...

I'm with Willow, I'd be up ON the chair! your lily's are gorgeous, they do love it there! All wonderful!

Thank you!!

xx Susan

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Your lilies are spectacular! I just love these simple old fashioned, but dramatic in large displays like this. You have quite the wildlife sanctuary...beautiful birds and scary snakes!

Julia said...

Oh Dulcy, I think that your day lilies are gorgeous. They just light up that section of your garden.

I have seen blue heron around the river bank near our place but I never saw the kind of heron like lives near your place. I love the little feather on top of their heads.

When I was a kid I wasn't afraid of snakes but now I think that I would be afraid of them. I don't blame your pet for not wanting to go in the porch.

Once when I was young it was a really hot and muggy night and my oldest brother slept upstairs and it was really hot up there. My brother took his pillow and blanket and went to sleep downstairs on first floor near the entrance screen door where it was cooler.

When my dad got up in the morning he saw this huge snake on the floor beside my brother. He took a piece of hard wood and hit the snake on the head and killed it and the noise woke up my brother. The snake had crawled under the screen door. My brother never slept there any more no matter how hot it got.

I hope that you will share what you do in art class. JB

Cathy G. said...

Those herons are so exotic looking and must be lovely strutting about your lawn which is so magical!
As for the snake.... 5 feet! Oh my word! I'm with Willow and would be watching my feet for awhile! LOL!
So nice to be inspired right before your drawing class!
By the herons not the snake!
Cathy G

Relyn Lawson said...

I always love your herons, but the snake would have sent me running and screaming. YIKES!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

What a gorgeous daylilly carpet
you've spread across your garden!
Love the flow of that.
And those beautiful heorns
....I've never met them before!
What a gift!
Enjoy creating in such
a magical space:)
(who could blame the snake for
wanting to hang out there!)

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Dulcy, I've never seen so many night herons at once. We have a Great Blue heron that visits every year and flies over the house and 'markets' in the overgrown lot across the street, they are so patient and still. I've seen people walk by and never notice him. Those beaks!

Pixie said...

Amazing pictures Dulcy, what beautiful birds, all we get here are very very noisy sea gulls and equally as noisy parrakeets, and as for snakes.....i think i would of would definatly of fainted.
Pixie x

Kathryn Glover said...

Dulcy, your daylilies are beautiful. One of my favorite flowers. Your yard is so full of activity with the fox, heron, owl and the snake. Snakes don't bother me like spiders can. Too many legs. Just too many legs. Can't wait to see your new pastel and your knitting project. You are so busy creating!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh my that was really some snake!

Your yard and flowers are always so welcoming to your lucky visitors as are you and Jim. I loved our visit last week and am looking forward to seeing you again soon.

I love going back in my mind to remembering you in your studio, wearing that darling purple smock and bright birkis hooking and creating away ~ I'm holding that picture in my head. That's how I like to remember you.