Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vintage Betty Boop Halloween

And I thought today's cartoons were violent!  That Betty sure could take care of herself.
Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cindy Joseph Video

I find the beautiful Cindy Joseph very inspiring.  It's great to have a glamorous 60 year old who's willing to embrace her age and the benefits that it brings.  Also, I do have a couple of her Boom products and love them!  Really digging the long silver hair!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Projects That Whisper "Fall"

Hello!  So sorry for the long absence!  I've been doing all kinds of things, but haven't been blogging much at all.  The weather here is beyond lovely, so I've been taking much advantage of these gorgeous fall days.  I have been doing quite a bit over the past month..... so here's a peek at what's been happening "creation wise" at my doorstep.

During my, now in the blurry past,  foot surgery recuperation I knitted this very sweet "fauncho".  I acquired the pattern from Owl In The Dark Please check out this lovely blog......  This is my 2nd try at intarsia knitting.  INGNORE the clunky shoes..... temporary situation.  Although, I have been wearing some darling red Dr. Martens that are clunky in the very wonderful clunky way that I love.

I won't be showing you the underside of this thing..... Let's just say that my felting needle came in quite handy.  You may want to check out my friend Pixie's blog at The Crafte Nook.  She has posted a shot of a knitting project she's doing from the same designer.  Very cute stuff!

Speaking of knitting.... I'm knitting my absolutely LAST pair of socks for the year!  I have 8 pairs of brightly colored striped socks, of which, I've knitted every single one.  But..... I noticed that I don't have a nice drab pair to wear with drab sorts of things.  So... I picked up this beautiful softly textured gray and am just now ready to kitchner up the toe of sock #1.

I love knitting socks because I can basically knit them in my sleep, for one thing.  They're also a great "take somewhere" kind of project.  Small and portable.

The change in weather has inspired me to add some of this scrumptious fall color to my home.  I'm not a big holiday type decorator.... and do less of that type of thing every year. I did feel inspired to do a little pastel using some nice warm reds, golds, and greens.  Once again, I used the still life set up sent to me by painter friend Kathryn Glover.  Drop by her blog and see the very sweet orange pitcher with flower she's done. 

 The warm colors go beautifully with the hedge apples.... and of course.... a picture of grandson, Graham.  It was a fast pastel ..... about an hour or so.  Below is a  quick shot of the entire mantel done up for fall.

Nothing fancy.... just a few things that I've collected and always have out.  I enjoy picking up fall flowers at the grocery, and they must stay on the mantle or little cat Iris will make a quick game with them and scatter petals and stems all over the place (and then throw them up later.... lovely).  And that's about as much Halloween/fall you'll find at this house......  oh.... there is a knobby pumpkin on the porch.

Now..... here's where one needs to keep an open mind.  It's my current rug hooking project.  I felt absolutely COMPELLED to hook some bright colors.  I didn't want to get into any sort of pictorial piece because then I get all detaily and into lots of hand cut tedious stuff.  So.... I'm hooking abstract simply for the love of these colors.  This is a tiny sample.

I'll post more of this later and you can see the size and shape.  "Where will something like that go?" you wonder.  Who knows, who cares.... just enjoy working with color.  Got all this gorgeous wool from pal, Sheri, of The Shabby Sheep .  We're practically neighbors, and great friends, so it's fun to drop by her place to wool shop, drink mochas, and gab away an afternoon.

Hope you're having a lovely fall season, and beautiful days as we're having here.  Thanks for dropping by!