Friday, February 24, 2012

A Pillow And Sock Color Explosion!

I finished this pillow last night, and it's been a relaxing kind of hook.  The kind where I had fun laying color and texture down next to each other.... loving the effect.... not knowing where it's taking me.  Nothing huge and time consuming.  Just a simple pillow.  I name everything, so I'm calling this one a "cozy splash of color" pillow.

It's currently living in my little Etsy shop.

You would think that I'd be soooo tired of knitting socks at this point in time, and at the very least have enough socks for every day of the week.  NO, not tired of it yet!  And, quite frankly, one can never have enough pairs of hand knitted socks.  I love my socks so much, and if there was a fire and I could only grab one thing (that's if every living thing was safely out of the house) I think I'd grab my little sock drawer.  I can't imagine the time and $$ it would take to replace each of my little pretties.  I found this springy bright sock yarn the other day and couldn't resist.  The colors remind me of those candy Easter eggs.  The ones with the kind of hard brightly colored outside, and the softer pure sugar decadence inside. 

Bright and cheery for early springtime hikes in the woods..............

I'm restocking my Etsy shop with a few patterns and some hooked items.  I hope to be adding some "happy's "  within the next couple of weeks.

Have a lovely weekend!


Amy McPheeters said...

You've got to teach me how to make the socks! I took a class last Fall but there were so many students (beginners) that it was hard for everyone to advance to the double pointed needle level. The pillow is really cool - I love the look and I agree it is very fun, but still relaxing, to have a project that involves playing with color and just going with the flow. Love your sewn on ID tag too - I should do that for my two new pillows.

Julia said...

You really have been productive Dulcy. You beautiful and cheery socks and pillow will sure bring someone some happy but you might find it hard to part with them.
I don't blame you for thinking of your knitted socks first in case of fire, (lets hope that you'll never have to rescue your socks though).... home knitted socks are the best.
Have a nice creative weekend. JB

Nancy said...

Dulcy, I am loving that you are posting more lately...You always have fun and beautiful things to show and tell us about.....

The pillow is gorgeous.....and of course the socks are wonderful...I like you love knitting socks...I don't think I will ever tire of them....

Have a great weekend friend....

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love your pillow!! I'm going to "pin" it !!!!!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

The pillow is fab!! I need to use up some worms that way. I also love the socks. I need to get some fun yarn for a new pair soon.

Pixie said...

Oh Dulcy, the cushion is looks quite big, like a floor cushion, i love floor cushions.
And the sock yarn is lovely too, here in England i think we lack the assorted yarns that you seem to have over there, they all seem to be pretty similar, it seems to be the one yarn that really is lacking, i know we could get it on line but i do like to see and feel my yarn before i i am envious of your choices.....looking forward to sseing them all knitted up.

J Linder said...

L O V E your new DOORSTEP!!!! What a beautiful photo of you...smashing!! Thank you, Jim, for capturing our gorgeous Dulcy!
Your Etsy store is FABULOUS! The pillow is so cool. It is so different and modern but yet quaint.
You are the sock one has socks this keen!
I can see you in a super cute skirt with socks and clogs this spring.
LOVE this!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh dulcy,
I love love this pillow!
soothing squares.
so much beauty
from your heart and hands:)
we're all the richer.
more and more joy to you,

Maggie's Meltdown said...

I love the pillow but the socks....are a real treat...are you thinking of selling any in the Etsy shop?

I know few people who might like them.....

Relyn Lawson said...

Everything is so full of color in your world. I love that. Always so cheerful.