Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spirals + Color = Happiness!

I saw this nifty spiral tutorial on Karen's Primitive Spirit blog.  When I first saw it, I liked it but didn't think that it was something I wanted to do at that time.  Well, I kept seeing it popping up on other wonderful hooking blogs that I love.  The more I saw this pretty swirly spiral evolve, the more I wanted one of my own.  I love it's hit and miss simplicity..........

At first I kept going back to other blogs to see if I was doing mine "right".  Isn't that just the most insecure stupid thing?!  Although I'm constantly in a state of learning, I need to trust my own instincts.  I've been hooking for years,  I know what I like, and what works for me.  So... I cut that out, and proceeded to hook my colors my way.  I'm very happy with the results.  I plan on crocheting the edge as suggested by Karen.  I'm saving that job for a hook-in this weekend.  I find that the border project will involve a lot less hooking paraphernalia to be dragged along. 

I'm still knitting away on my little shrug/mini poncho.  I have my doubts about how it will turn out, but with blocking I'm hoping for the best.  Almost done with the knitting, then I'll block, then overlap and stitch.  I have a very sweet little punch needle brooch I made that should look smashing with this piece!  Must keep fingers crossed on this one.

This evening I'm attending a very small birthday dinner with a couple of friends.  I really never know what to gift these days.  Everyone seems to have everything!  I've given many handmade goodies over the years, but not always sure that's the best choice.  So..... In this case I bought a couple of little gifties, a cute bookmark and folk art blank book.  But, never happy unless I prim things up a bit.  I wrapped the gifties in some scrap linen and tied with this pretty aqua blue ribbon.  The ribbon had been a tad too baby blue, so I coffee dyed it.  Then I topped the package with a little fabric flower brooch I made.

And now, out to the flowers.  I may need to drop by my favorite nursery for a couple more cone flowers to fill in.  Gorgeous day here in the Ozarks!



Pixie said...

Hi Dulcy,, i think the spiral is looking wonderful and i know its going to look just great when you have finished it,,i love all your makes, and i do love that little fabric brooch.
Hope your keeping well, way way over on your side of the globe, the knitting is looking good too.

Hugs and namaste Pixie x

PS (seeing your poncho has reminded me of the fauncho, which i have been thinking about doing again,,which also remninded me of how wonderful your one turned out...hmmmm i think i may be ready to tackle that knitting pattern now)x

Cathy G. said...

Dulcy your spiral mat turned out really neat! It was kind of tricky I found out when I hooked the one I gave my nephew but after hooking one now I feel confident and want to hook another ( for myself LOL!)
Love the blue color of your knitting and the flower pin on the package is just perfect! You are always inspiring dear friend! Enjoy your gardening!
Cathy G

summersundays-jw said...

It has been a beautiful day. I dug chickweed out of a flower bed...what a tough job. Looks like wonderful gift to me. Have fun! Jan

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Funny to me that you, of all people, would check to see if you're doing it right!! Everything you do is just grand ~ including this spiral mat!! I know what you mean about gift giving ~ it's a challenge!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Wonderful spiral mat! I've got to get going and finish mine. It's been fun to see them pop up on the blogs, hasn't it?

coinguyslady said...

Love the spiral mat.i know you have just the right place to put it. Happy hooking.

Charlotte said...

Gorgeous spirals in such lovely colours. How are things in your neck of the woods? We are having a bit of an April flood, don't seem to do little showers any more.

However the garden has gone into overdrive and now looks like a meadow.

Relyn Lawson said...

That pillow in the last picture THRILLS my heart! Love you, friend.

Mary Stanley said...

Your spiral is wonderful! The colors came out so nicely!
And the gift is so sweet with the flower brooch on top! A perfect touch.

Karen Piehl said...

dulcy, i LOVE your spiral, as your colors are so distinctly your own! the color mixture just sings. thank you for sharing it. i also can't wait to see your poncho. i found a picture of mine buried near the beginning of my flickr pages. the weather is almost good enough to wear it!