Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birdy Love!

I'm a member of our local chapter of the Audubon Society.  Yesterday, I went with my team of five including me, bird counting.  We started at 5:00 am and ended around 5:00 pm.  Each species we counted added up for a fund raiser.  The money raised is used for Audubon materials for schools, and our summer camp for kids.  At last count, my little team's number of species was 99.  We drove EVERYWHERE!!  Friends pledged so much per species spotted, plus several just donated $$ for the cause.  Below is a shot taken by my hubby this morning of a nesting hummingbird we spotted yesterday.

Isn't that just the sweetest little thing ever?!  Thanks to those that worked so hard traipsing all over our little part of southwest Missouri bird counting.  And a HUGE thank you to those who donated $$ to a wonderful organization........


Julia said...

WOW, good for you and your group Dulcy, 99 species of birds, that's amazing.

It must have been a rewarding day for all of your group. Watching birds is so interesting and raising money for a good cause to boot.

Thanks for the amazing photo of a humming bird in the nest. That's so beautiful. Her little nest looks like army camouflage.

I once rescued a humming bird out from my cat's mouth and luckily it was unharmed. I yelled at Kitty she held the bird in her mouth gently and I took it away from her and after examining the bird I let it fly away. It weigh like a feather. It had flown in our little hot house when the door was partly open as I had lots of flowers in there.

Have a lovely weekend. Hugs

Cathy G. said...

The hummingbird is so wonderful and to capture the nest is awesome! Glad you were able to raise the $$ and have lots of fun doing it!
Cathy G

Tammy Burks said...

Wow! I've never actually seen a hummingbird in it's cool! The weather was beautiful...makes me a bit jealous!

susan jenkins said...


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Like Julia said honey 99 species of birds is quite amazing. I can't imagine spotting that many. Gosh you put in a long day but it was certainly a good cause.
That picture you showed us is incredibly beautiful Never have I ever seen a hummingbird on her nest. How wonderful that you were able to capture this shot and share it with us.
So thankful I did not miss it.
Hope your well and that you have a great weekend

Jennifer Richardson said...

sounds so fun, dulcy!
i've wanted to do that
ever since seeing
"a big year":)
beautiful shot of that sweet
hummer....really amazing photo!
thanks for the share,

Nancy said...

What a fun day you had seeing and counting all those wonderful birds....and raising money for the kids to boot.....You go girl.....

Relyn Lawson said...

That picture is incredibly gorgeous. It just blows me away. I love the passionate way you fill your time.

Claire said...

That photo is priceless Dulcy.......and what a wonderful way to raise money for the society.

I'm sure it would've been a great day out with like minded friends.

Claire :}