Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Silly Post

I'm at an in between place right now with my art and other projects.  I have a couple of things that I really want to get moving on this week, but my motivation is a bit lacking.  So...... awhile back I did a little post that included a couple of mats I made that hang in my laundry room.  I believe I said that I hang art anywhere, and I really do love my little tiny laundry room.  A couple of you dear readers asked me to post some shots of it, so here goes!


Here we are entering from the kitchen.  The room is only as wide as the other edge of the ironing board which you can't see here.  That's where the other window is.

This shot shows little Iris leaping about.  Also, the wall with two of my hooked mats.  The cats like to lay on the ironing board and look outside at the birdbath and feeders.  So, I keep a piece of fun print fabric on the board to keep kitty hair off.  Just remove it when ready to iron.

This plate rack is above the washer and dryer.  Notice how it has nothing on it that has to do with laundry.  I have a few of Mom's old antique dishes displayed.  I painted the rack red because I thought the dishes looked too fussy when it was a light natural color.  Also, to the left is a pastel I did about a year or so ago and a little piece of folk art I found in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

I've hung a couple of my step daughter's photographs.  I LOVE both of these soooooo much!  They are part of a series she did on domestic life.  The large bottom one is a self portrait.  Lily Mayfield is her name and Lily teaches photography at a couple of universities in Chicago.  She also shows and sells her work.  I have her blog link under "Places I Like To Go".  I think these photos are perfect in my laundry room!

Now we're looking outside the other window by the ironing board.  You can see the garage, and our studio is behind that.  I don't like to have my windows covered with curtains or shades.  Sorry about the ugly trash can.

On the floor, in front of the washer and dryer, is the first hooked rug I've ever owned.  I wish I could say I designed and hooked it, but "no" to both.  I actually lusted over it about 15 years ago in an llbean catalog.  It originally had a place of honor in our other home, but since then many other hooked rugs have been moved all over the house.  They never stay in the same place for too long.

Now we are leaving the laundry room.  I love the arched doorway.  A few lovely friends thought this room would be much better as a breakfast nook.  That is really a good idea, but I like it this way.  Otherwise, the laundry would have to be hauled down into the gloomy basement.  I love folding clothes and looking out into the garden.  I love how the laundry makes the house smell.  I love putting little "happys" in my laundry room.  I treat it as any other room in my home.  I love my laundry room!



Julia said...

Thanks for the lovely tour of your beautiful kitchen and laundry room. I love that you appreciate everything that you have and it's very special. You find contentment in everything that surrounds you and it's such a blessing.You sound so at peace with everything.

Looks like your cat is camera as she is getting away.

Have a great week. Hugs JB

Charlotte said...

What a gorgeous room, I think that being able to stand and fold the laundry with all those lovely things to look at would make a chore into a pleasure.

I can see why you lusted after the rug...what is it about bears that is so appealing. Thanks for taking us on the tour.

We should do a blog tour of special places and share them. You have given me some ideas for our house just from looking at yours.

Pixie said...

Dulcy this is such a lovely post,,and you have such a beautiful home...
and i have to say that i love the whole laundry thing too, the whole process of washing to drying to pegging out and ironing, and off course the lovely smell...many years ago when my son was little i used to work part time in a launderette, and do you know, i really loved it, its probably my most favourite job that i have done....i can't decide if thats a little odd or not...but anyway..i love love love this post.

Hugs Pixie x

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

Looks like a great space!

Karen Piehl said...

i love your laundry room too! thank you for posting the photos, i was so curious to see it! i think that laundry rooms should be inspiring places, since you have to be there! i saw a laundry room makeover where they had wrapping paper, ribbons, and other supplies opposite the W&D. there was a little table space so that you could wrap gifts or do a little project. seemed perfect.

Jennifer Richardson said...

you're a great tour guide!
love your little laundry room
...such a warm and happy place.
so much love everywhere;
does a heart good
just to see it:)

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love your little laundry/art gallery! Perfect!

Hooked on a Feeling said...

Love that laundry room! I'd love to do laundry there. I have a gloomy basement laundry room but at least have one of my hooked rugs on the floor so I can feel more comfortable while down there. Thanks for sharing - I enjoyed your art gallery immensely.

Claire said...

Who said laundry's have to be boring?.......

Dulcy, I love the artworks and hooked rugs and if I were one of your cats, my favourite spot would be hanging out on the ironing board!

Great light and views, if you have to do housework why not make it a creative space to work in...

Claire :}

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I love all of your cheery photos of your wonderful cottage! You have made such a charming nest of your sweet home!