Friday, August 31, 2012

Garden Mop Top

Finished!  Something new and a bit different for me.  Wanted this hanging to retain an earthy quality, so I used this sweet branch as a dowel with a piece of leather as the hanger.  I like it hanging outside, and wish I could just leave it hanging on this old beat up trellis.......

Of course weather would be an issue, but I kind of like the idea of hanging hooking out and about in the garden.  Let the weather do it's work.... Could be interesting?

My knitting basket is full of projects..... a couple have been sold.  I'll tell you more about that later.

So narcissistic of me, but hubby took this shot of the back of my head the other night...... I won't let him photograph me during our "deck time" because I'm always a mess from a long day gardening, projects, and life in general.  But, that's ALWAYS when he's sticking his camera in my face!  This is all he's able to get...... poor photographer........

I think if I didn't comb this mop for a week I'd have dreads for sure.  Which is sort of where I'm heading.  It's such fun to be retired, and old enough to not give a hoot about hairdos and don'ts,  proper clothes and such for work.  Just have fun!



Tammy Burks said...

Really love the rug hanging outside and loving your hair too! Hoping to get back in the creative mode while I'm on stay-cation.

Julia said...

You must be a true artist at heart for wanting Mother Mature do her thing and add her signature to your cute little colorful rug.

I imagine that it's no different than people hanging colorful flags outside their home though.

I think that wool is so tuff, it withstand boiling for a long time so why not hanging it outside. It must brighten up the yard.

Your hair looks great...

summersundays-jw said...

I totally agree on the being retired & not having to worry about your hair or clothes but I love Jim's photo of you from the back. I always love your hair. Also love the rug hanging outside but wondering how it made it through today. So wonderful to have a full day of nice, gentle rain. Have a good weekend! Jan

Pixie said...

I do love your hair Dulcy, you are so lucky to have thick hair too.....mine is poker straight and fine and you cant do a thing with it....several years ago i went through a real longing for dreads, i love em.. but my hairs crap so that put paid to that idea....but if you can do the whole dread thing then you must so go for it would look so great on you..

Big Hugs Pixie xx

Mary Stanley said...

Love seeing your hooked piece hanging outside! I always seem to take my work outside for having nature for a background.
Your hair is sooo thick and beautiful-nice to see the back!
the small pieces from the last post are so fun and inspiring...great idea when you have enough rugs around the house!

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh that hair!
i'm so in love with that color,
dulcy, and are those buttons
in a clip? gosh, you're gorgeous!
and that hanging....I'd leave it
right there to sing to the universe
(could you spray it with some
poly to help protect it longer?)

I'm loving my outdoor paintings
and they've held up well during
a stormy summer.

Your life just makes me smile!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love your floral piece ~ I love all your creations!! I wish I could get to the point that I don't care about certain things ~ hm, maybe I'm already there!!!

Maggie's Meltdown said...

I love that photo and the remark about not giving a hoot. How right you are.