Monday, November 12, 2012


I'm in an art and crafting limbo.  Not happy with my weaving because I feel that my loom is too small.  Wonderful hubby has offered to build a larger one, which is soooo generous, but I feel sort of guilty about that.  I made my test shawl which I wish was a bit roomier.  It's more like a large scarf.  I'm thinking this one out before I proceed with my wonderful new New York yarn.  Best to take some time for a walk in the woods.

I think I'll just straighten out things in the studio today, and finish my almost done sock knitting.  I really need to work on knitted wristies for our fabulous Library Center gift shop, Between Friends.  Our manager/buyer, Shelly has ordered another six pair.  I made four pairs earlier this fall and they've all sold.  But, having a hard time getting into this second order because of the loom "looming" in my brain.  Maybe I can refocus.  A new hooked rug perhaps? 

But, really I feel I'm in the mood to paint and draw.  I think I might begin a pastel today.  I've had an idea in mind for a long time, and have been avoiding my easel.  It's a very cold and crisp fall day, good day to stay home and create.....



Tammy Burks said...

Creative limbo....doesn't it just make you crazy?! Love your pictures on your blog today....beautiful!
I still need to redraw on my trout pattern and get to making that slipcover with that beautiful fabric you helped me pick out.
Can't wait to see what you draw...

Charlotte said...

Good luck, artistic limbo is a grey and annoying place and you need colour. Love the walk in the woods, such a good idea.

If painting is what you need then may unblock the other projects for you.

Love from a cold, damp and dark UK

Jennifer Richardson said...

autumn is singing
so brilliantly where you are!
those reds!
your walk in the woods
looks exactly
like I want to feel
and I thank you for the happy stir:)
(be gentle with yourself...your creative light will lead you well)

Pixie said...

Yes the creative limbo can be a real pain...its the not knowing when it will pass bit that i makes me feel like it will never come back but it always does in the end.......i think sometimes we need to stop and have a rethink, maybe theres something new to learn.

Gorgeous photos though, looks like the perfect place for long walks.

Hugs hugs and more hugs Pixie xx