Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas From My Doorstep To Yours

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas On The Mantle!

My "Two Friends" little hooked piece is mounted on canvas.  I thought this would be the most interesting way to finish it off, actually, a lot easier than binding, covering cord, etc.  This way I can easily hang it on the wall.  I'm a sucker for red and gold, and thought it set this little winter wonderland off nicely.

I had a bestie date with pal Jessy the other day.  We exchanged holiday happy's and I just have to share the "Christmas Card" she created for hubby and me.........

It's a foundry mold that Jessy, so CREATIVELY, embellished with all kinds of lovelies.  Notice the leather trees, and there's little holiday wonders and words on the front and back.  I put it on the fireplace mantle with a some of my favorite holiday things.

I also have my paper mache Santas that my mom made.  She sculpted each one and they're very detailed.  I also have my little feather tree that she gave me many years ago.  She ordered it from llbean with the tiny glass ornaments.

Of course I'm knitting socks.  This pair is a gift for a certain person that resides here with me.  Hope he doesn't read this.........

And here's a pretty new yarn I picked up to make another pair.  I'm loving the bits of teal that keep popping up as I knit.

 It may seem like I'm a bit obsessed with socks, but really, I don't think I can have too many.  They have, so far, been wearing like iron.  But eventually I'll either be sick of knitting them, my hands many give in, or maybe I'll just forget how!  So, they're like money in the bank for me.

Have a lovely week, and I sooooo envy those that have snow right now.  We've been having never ending days of sun and temps. in the 50's.  I know that may sound like gorgeous weather, and it sort of is.  But, I LOVE the change of seasons, and am anxiously awaiting some real winter!


Friday, December 7, 2012

Dreaming of Snow...........

I wish it would snow............................

I hooked these two little friends in a dreamy winter wonderland.  It doesn't show up in this photo, but I added lots of sparkly yarn to the snow.  I want to go there. 

I haven't finished this piece off yet, but may attach it to some linen with a frayed edge, or some wool.  I'm also considering a small canvas, and I'll paint the border.  I'll have to think about this........

I'm very into weaving on my triloom at the moment.  I picked up this lovely Noro yarn yesterday to start a new shawl.  I want a snowy day in the studio, weaving, drinking hot drinks, listening to great books on my iPod.  Of course I do these activities without the snow, but wouldn't the snow add just the right touch?

I can't wait to start this shawl, but have another practice piece on the loom.  I'm afraid I'm going to run out of this pretty teal that I've had so long, I don't remember where it came from.  I've been using it for all kinds of other projects, and it seemed like a forever ball of yarn.  But, this shawl may end up with a stripe down the center before it's through.

Have you decorated for the holidays yet?  Not that I find that necessary.  There's an awful lot of pressure these days to decorate, spend, eat, and that can cause soooo much stress.  I don't put much out, but wanted to share my festive bottle ornament.  I just love it!

I have it next to this sweet little Ukrainian egg done by my mom.  This little grouping of two makes me feel happy and warm.  

Next to them sits another egg done by mom.  It's an ostrich egg.  I also have a needle point egg next to it.  I love red with the pretty soft aqua pottery.

I have other, what I consider holiday pretties, out and about.  Handmade, and things I've acquired over the years that mean so much to me.  Have a lovely day............