Friday, December 7, 2012

Dreaming of Snow...........

I wish it would snow............................

I hooked these two little friends in a dreamy winter wonderland.  It doesn't show up in this photo, but I added lots of sparkly yarn to the snow.  I want to go there. 

I haven't finished this piece off yet, but may attach it to some linen with a frayed edge, or some wool.  I'm also considering a small canvas, and I'll paint the border.  I'll have to think about this........

I'm very into weaving on my triloom at the moment.  I picked up this lovely Noro yarn yesterday to start a new shawl.  I want a snowy day in the studio, weaving, drinking hot drinks, listening to great books on my iPod.  Of course I do these activities without the snow, but wouldn't the snow add just the right touch?

I can't wait to start this shawl, but have another practice piece on the loom.  I'm afraid I'm going to run out of this pretty teal that I've had so long, I don't remember where it came from.  I've been using it for all kinds of other projects, and it seemed like a forever ball of yarn.  But, this shawl may end up with a stripe down the center before it's through.

Have you decorated for the holidays yet?  Not that I find that necessary.  There's an awful lot of pressure these days to decorate, spend, eat, and that can cause soooo much stress.  I don't put much out, but wanted to share my festive bottle ornament.  I just love it!

I have it next to this sweet little Ukrainian egg done by my mom.  This little grouping of two makes me feel happy and warm.  

Next to them sits another egg done by mom.  It's an ostrich egg.  I also have a needle point egg next to it.  I love red with the pretty soft aqua pottery.

I have other, what I consider holiday pretties, out and about.  Handmade, and things I've acquired over the years that mean so much to me.  Have a lovely day............



Charlotte said...

Lovely hooking,it is such a darling picture. Hope you have a peaceful holiday.

Cathy G. said...

What a wonderful post! I can't tell you how much I LOVE your new hooked mat! Oh my! Sparkly snow.... so magical! Your Mom's Ukrainian eggs are so lovely to see. I'm with you on the excesses and pressures of the present day Holidays. Your sweet hand mades and special treasures are perfect!
Happy weaving and dreaming!!
Cathy G

Julia said...

Dulcy, the cute little snowy mat is beautiful and I can see your style coming through. I'm not familiar with a triloom but your first shawl was wonderful and I'm sure that this one will be lovely too. You are very creative and I know you will find a way to use this yarn in your shawl.

I love those Ukrainian eggs so much. Your mom did beautiful work too. I think that you have the right idea about not stressing about the Holidays.

Living in the moment is more important because now is all we have to work with.

Have a relaxing weekend,

Marie said...

What a sweet picture you have hooked!
As I grow in years, it is the small things that bring such joy and finding a loved ones treasures to place out during the holidays is so heartwarming.
Oh and I love the combination of teal and red!!!!
So cheerful!
Happy Holidaying :)
xo <3

Pixie said...

Oh Dulcy, my heart just went yaaaaay.....i adore that little piece of hooked loveliness, and so so love that wee fox.....again yaaaaaaaaay.

Hugs hugs pixie x

Dag said...

hi Dulcy, what a lovely blog update!! i always so enjoy seeing what you are up to, the weaving and the lovely christmas decorations and i adore your little hooked piece! what a sweet design! and yes, we are also waiting for snow...!
enjoy a stress free and blessed holiday season! Dag

Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

Oh Dulcy! I LOVE that hooked piece!

Mary Stanley said...

Love your snowy hooked piece! Like a little winter adventure-so sweet and creative.
fun to see your Holiday treasures, your mother's Ukrainian eggs are amazing.

Jennifer Richardson said...

this relaxes me to the bone
just to see the clean lines
and sweet uncluttered spaces
where your treasures sing.
like you.

Michele said...

I just love that little fox. The desire for snow, well, wish I could share some - it's been here since mid-October, and it's already been a very long winter. That tri-loom is interesting - I have floor and table looms but have never seen that before.